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2 person minimum per class.

You will be notified in advance of class cancellation.

Pilates at Alta

Private: A more individualized approach to working with a rehab focus and/or exploring advanced exercises.

Duet*: Share an instructor with a partner of equal experience and skill level

Basic Pilates Class*: Develop total body strength and stability in a safe environment. This class is ideal for people relatively new to Pilates, or those who prefer a slower paced class where the basic Pilates moves are perfected. People recovering from injuries would love this class to help them transition back to full function. (Classes limited to 5 participants unless otherwise noted)

Intermediate Class*: Improve balance and core strength while challenging yourself to a more complex menu of routines. This class is faster paced, but always with attention to precise moves carefully executed.

Advanced Class*: This class is for athletes who want to explore the entire Pilates repertoire with an aerobic styled pace. From Start o Snake and Twist, plan to test your strength and endurance to the max in a fun-filled and challenging hour.

*Class participation requires the ability to perform fundamental exercises. Instructor determines readiness based on performance in private sessions.

Call 303-444-8707 for fee information and to register for a class.