When to see a wound care specialist:

Chronic Conditions

If you have a wound that has not healed in 4-6 weeks, a professional should evaluate you. A wound care specialist can assess the wound to determine obstacles that stand in the way of full recovery. For example, did you know that changing bandaging too often actually delays tissue regrowth?

Many conditions hamper wound healing: diabetes, venous stasis, sustained pressure on the skin, or ischemia. Especially with complicating medical conditions, an expert in wound care can make all the difference in the speed and quality of healing.

Acute Injuries
Handled poorly, abrasions or road rash can cause infections, unsightly scarring, and more pain than you need to endure. Have a professional clean and bandage your wound, and most importantly, teach you the steps to take for a quick and full recovery.

Bandage changes are one small part of a holistic wound care program. An ALTA physical therapist can assist you through the recovery process with a holistic approach that includes:

  • Developing an exercise program
  • Applying modalities that speed recovery
  • Educating you in all aspects of dressing management
  • Assessing nutrition for optimal healing
  • Comprehensive reports: evaluation, treatment plan and progress
  • Helping you maintain a positive attitude for a positive outcome

Proper treatment can make the difference between a good and bad result. Call us today – be on your way to recovery tomorrow.