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Day: April 3, 2012

What Can I Do 5 Minutes A Day To Get Faster?

No matter what I do, the Bolder Boulder kicks my butt. I did fine until I decided to really get serious (topic for another day) – that was when all my troubles began. One year, I ended up in the medical tent after staggering for the last 2 miles – low blood sugar. Then, I thought joining a training group was the answer. Apparently I made it into the stadium, but I don’t remember … and was taken directly to the medical tent. In fact, I don’t remember anything after running by McGuckins.

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Sprain vs. Fracture

FOOSH – or “fall on an outstretched hand,” something I experienced first hand in October while mountain biking. I have fallen before while biking (many times), onto my hand, but this was different. The impact was greater and the landing was on rock, not dirt. I have sprained my wrist before in similar falls, but no fractures. This time my wrist motion was quickly limited, however, my sense of denial was stronger. I ignored the pain and limited motion and continued to ride. I went to work the next day and treated patients. Finally after poking around on my wrist I gave in (and after lectures form colleagues) and called a physician. Diagnosis: Fracture of the left triquetral bone (2nd most common fracture of the carpal bones) and immobilization for 6 weeks. So much for that first cross race that I registered for.

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Hips & Skiing

My children have reached an age where we can ski as a family for a few runs. The runs tend to be cruisers – easy-going groomed green and blue trails. So I found this was a great opportunity to work on technique. I unweighted one leg and skied on the other to check for symmetry. My left leg felt strong and stable and I was able to change directions and hold an edge. Immediately after switching my weight to the right, I almost collapsed.

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