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Day: March 6, 2013

Clam Shmam: Keep Up That Glute Strength

“If I hear one more person tell me to do the clam, I might just scream.” says my sister Barbara. Barb is an MD in Seattle and she has seen a few PTs over the years. They have all given her “the clam” to eliminate knee and back pain. She has done the clam over and over, but alas, the pain persists and it has stopped Barb in her tracks whenever she tries to run. She has another doctor friend who is hindered by Iliotibial band (ITB) pain while on the bike. He has been told to do the clam, but that’s not working for him either.

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The Best Way to Find Balance: T’ai Chi

The BAD news: Falls are the leading cause of ER visits, hospital admissions, and unintentional deaths for older adults. Fall risk has been identified as an urgent public health risk among active seniors.

The GOOD News: T’ai Chi is a fantastic way to improve balance and core stability, reduce the fear of falling and generally decrease anxiety. T’ai Chi classes develop a more confident, steadier, sturdier you.

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