ASTYM for Musculoskelatal Pain Relief

Achilles tendinosis, tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis are painful conditions that can hobble people for months. Though sufferers exhibit tightness, stretching alone is futile in addressing the tightness. But that doesn’t mean there are no answers to these common musculoskeletal problems.

ASTYM was invented in 1996 to tackle myofascial tightness as never before. Using a small plastic tool and some gel, an ASTYM-trained therapist can deftly increase range of motion in layers of connective tissue where fibrosis and scarring have left you stuck and tight.

To be effective, ASTYM is applied to the entire kinetic or movement chain. So, for an Achilles problem, connective tissue is treated from the hip to the foot. The technique requires pressure to be applied in the line of the fascial fibers. Once movement is restored, being active is critical. Not only should you stretch initially several times a day, but activity is essential to restore fascial movement along the normal lines of stress.