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5 Big Mistakes People with Incontinence Make 

5 Big Mistakes People with Incontinence Make  It started her senior year in high school – just a little bit of leaking during volleyball practice – but by the time she sought help, incontinence was impacting her whole life. She was miserable and she was not alone.  Although urinary incontinence is a widespread problem, sufferers

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February 2019  GOOD NEWS FOR WEEKEND WARRIORS  Weekdays are always a mad dash. You run out the door in the nick of time, do the school drop off, head to work, slide into your chair and kiss the desk. You work all day and run  out in time for afternoon car pool. After a jam-packed

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Misunderstood Injuries – Overuse is Over Used

January 2019  Misunderstood Injuries – Overuse is Over Used By Ross Bodine, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT  You’re running along just fine  and your right knee starts to  hurt – just a little – and it keeps  on hurting – just a little bit  more. You’ve been hitting it  pretty hard lately and start to  wonder if

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Winter Exercise – Five Surprising Benefits

December 2018  Winter Exercise – Five Surprising Benefits  My road bike has been “tucked in” for the winter. Even with the unusually warm weather in Boulder, I have switched to gym workouts and weekend hikes. And I’m not the only one. Have you tried to find an open treadmill on Monday morning? But, compelling information

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UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCES-YOUTH SPORTS  We all know kids who specialize in a single sport. The advantages seem obvious. Putting in more time early and working harder than the competition leads to a better chance of success later, right? Even though that seems to make sense, early specialization may not be giving kids the advantages parents imagine.

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TRANSITIONS  October 2018  SAYING GOODBYE IS SO HARD TO DO  I get a lump in my throat at the  thought of this: Though we have  been blessed to have Mary  McClure as part of our healing  profession for over 40 years,  (almost 20 years at ALTA), she is  retiring on December 20th.  We are not

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