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Five Exercise Myths That Could Affect Your Health

Five Exercise Myths That Could Affect Your Health

Yes, we work on body problems. But we can never ignore how the mind – and some common myths – create a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you think running is only for the under 50 crowd, or that a little noise in your joints portends future pain, it will be so. But it isn’t so simple as that. Each body and mind is different. We have found ways to dispel folklore and help you discover what is possible. Are you game?

Running will wear out my joints.

Five Exercise Myths That Could Affect Your Health

A recent study in Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery evaluated 430 seasoned marathon runners. They had half as much knee and hip arthritis as non-runner controls. That was true for older runners too. So, if you think your knees only have so many miles before they wear out, think again. Other factors – weight, weakness or faulty running patterns may be the issue. A run screen  is just what you need.


Five Exercise Myths That Could Affect Your HealthStretching prevents injuries.

Static stretching won’t make you looser, won’t prevent injuries and might even slow you down. A meta-analysis of stretching studies should be enough to convince you to skip the stretching or try dynamic stretches instead. Don’t know any dynamic stretches? Ask us!

Five Exercise Myths That Could Affect Your Health

If you’re sore or injured, rest is best.

Physiologically stressing tissue-below the level of injury-with sufficient time to recover-causes cellular responses that strengthen injured tissue and improve tissue tolerance. For example, using crutches initially and gradually increasing weight-bearing leads to faster healing. Movement increases blood flow, decreases inflammation and allays fears. With the right exercise prescription from your PT, tissue tolerance improves. We can dial that in with our Anti-Gravity Treadmill And once you feel better, balance exercises are critical to prevent re-injury.

Aerobic exercise is more important than strength training.

Five Exercise Myths That Could Affect Your Health

Ever since Kenneth Cooper wrote the book on aerobics in 1968, we have been a city obsessed. What’s better than a run or hike up Sani ta s? But I would not be so injury free if I did not also keep my core strong and balanced. Pilates at ALTA has been the salve for old injuries and the best injury prevention strategy I know.  You don’t have to do Pilates, but strength training is critical to overall fitness, bone health, and weight management. Get. Stronger.

Noisy Joints are Injured Joints.

Five Exercise Myths That Could Affect Your Health

Snapping and popping joints is common. The sound is caused by airbubbles in the synovial fluid – the liquid that surrounds and lubricates your joints – and by the snapping of tightly stretched ligaments as they slide off one bony surface onto another. If they don’t hurt, noisy joints are harmless. But when joint cracking is accompanied by pain or swelling, you might have a mechanical problem. That’s when you call us.


The New Year is a good time to re-evaluate your exercise routine. We’ll help you separate fact from fiction to dial in an exercise program that’s perfect for you.

Start the New Year off right – schedule with ALTA today.



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