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SEPTEMBER 2019  HOW LONG WILL I LIVE?  Annual physicals are an important way to to check on the state of your health and make sure nothing serious is brewing that needs to be addressed. It’s your chance to find out what you can do to live a long and healthy life. But you can also

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WHY YOU SHOULD LOVE PHYSICS  July 2019  If you and your climbing buddies compare injuries, you almost always compare painful wrists, hands/fingers, shoulders or elbows. That’s because climbing places massive loads on the arms and can truly stress tendons. In fact, nearly half of all chronic climbing injuries involve the fingers, and over 80% are

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4 Myths About Tendonitis 

4 Myths About Tendonitis  June 2019  Now that the weather is FINALLY cooperating and the sun is shining, it’s time to hike! You’re still in shape from ski season, so a long and strenuous hike sounds perfect. You wake up the next day with a stiff Achilles, but it goes away rather quickly. By the

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Taking Charge in 5 Minutes 

Taking Charge in 5 Minutes  May 2019  I didn’t see it. I was hauling down the backside of Olde Stage for the 100th time, and I still didn’t see it. A large gouge in the asphalt jarred my whole body, causing my phone to fly out of my Bento box and land with a splat

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The Trouble with Toilets

The Trouble with Toilets By: Ross Bodine, PT, DPT  April 2019  If every day from the time you were two, you squatted down low to “do your business”, you would have a felt sense of the value of using those strong, stable hips to do the work of bending. For better or worse (mostly better!)

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5 Big Mistakes People with Incontinence Make 

5 Big Mistakes People with Incontinence Make  It started her senior year in high school – just a little bit of leaking during volleyball practice – but by the time she sought help, incontinence was impacting her whole life. She was miserable and she was not alone.  Although urinary incontinence is a widespread problem, sufferers

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