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Hip/Thigh Pain

Karen working on patient with hip/thigh pain

Is hip pain dragging you down? We get it. It’s no fun to hurt whenever you walk or stand for any length of time. Or if lying flat in bed and getting up from a chair makes your hips ache it’s time to make an appointment.

Most Hip Pain comes from poor muscular stability, resulting in faulty movement patterns. They include:

  • Hip Impingement: The most common cause of groin pain, it results from the head of the femur not fitting well in the socket.
    • Labral Tears: Injury to the : cartilage of the hip socket – usually from chronic impingement
  • Osteoarthritis of the Hip:  wear and tear of the joint cartilage
  • Hip Tendinopathy: The most common cause of pain at the outside of the hip.
  • Hip Bursitis – usually happens with a tendon problem

Nerve Entrapment may also cause pain at the hip or below.  The nerves that can get entrapped around the hip are:

  • Femoral and Saphenous Nerves – causing pain in the front of the thigh and inside knee
  • Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve – causing pain that runs down the outside of the thigh
  • Sciatic Nerve – causing pain as it runs down the back of the hip into the thigh

Other nerves may be entrapped above the hip and cause hip pain:

  • Cluneal Nerve causing buttock pain
  • Genitofemoral Nerve causing groin pain

With each of these conditions, your Physical Therapist will evaluate movement patterns and joint mobility, not only of your hip, but also of joints above and below the hip to determine the root cause of your pain or stiffness. And once we know that, we can help you get back to pain-free movement and all the great adventures Colorado offers.