Laura Cummings, PTA, MA, M.C.O. Cert

Laura Cummings

Laura Cummings, PTA, MA, M.C.O. Cert

Through Laura’s life experiences and professional trainings, she has developed an integrative approach to health and healing that encompasses the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. Laura loves to guide, educate and encourage each client through their own unique healing process by empowering them to optimize and maintain their physical health. Her patients describe her as skillful, compassionate, and intuitive.

“I aim to help patients take a whole-body approach to recovery to help them reach their fullest potential. I educate them on habitual patterns of movement to bring their bodies back into balanced alignment. That way, they perform their daily activities pain free, with ease and grace.”

Laura working with clientMA: Ecopsychology Naropa University
BA: Major Ecopsychology, Minor Holistic Health and Wellness Prescott College
AAOS P.T. Assistant: PIMA Medical Institute
Certified Advanced Fletcher Pilates Instructor
Certified Yoga Instructor: Core Power Yoga, Anasura Yoga and Grief Yoga Therapy (200 hours each)
M.C.O. Cert: Master Cert in Osteopathy; London School of Osteopathy
Core Synchronism Level 3: New Mexico School of Natural Healing

“I believe that optimal health and well-being is for EVERY BODY and that all people no matter their age, agility, size or fitness level can benefit from exercise. I love helping my clients rediscover their bodies with love and compassion.”