Michael Westphale, PTA

Michael Westphale has always been active. From hiking and biking in summer to skiing and hockey in winter, Michael made the most of his formative years in Steamboat Springs. But everything changed in 2003. Michael was hit by a drunk driver and spent 22 days in a coma. He had severe internal injuries, a brain injury and fractures of the pelvis, femur and sternum. Determination and hard work combined with the support of a dedicated rehab team helped Michael get his life back. And he wants to pay it forward.

Becoming a PTA was perfect. Michael knows how to encourage and support others in the rehab process. And he’s eager to educate patients about the root cause of painful problems. Though Michael has worked with professional athletes in hockey, soccer, and rugby, he is just as happy to treat anyone who needs help reaching their Physical Therapy goals.



AAOS P.T. Assistant: Pima Medical Institute, January 2011

ASTYM ® Certified: A regenerative soft tissue manual technique that allows patients to be active during their rehabilitation process by reducing scar tissue.

Favorite Activites: Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Mountain and Road biking, Golf

I’m passionate about helping patients get and stay motivated during rehab so they can return to all their activities without worry about a previous injury.