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5 Essential Components for Shoulder Health | Pain Free Sleep


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5 Essential Components for Shoulder Health

by Allyson Friday, PT, DPT, OCS 

As a PT, an athlete, a sloucher, and a former shoulder patient, I know a thing or two about shoulder injuries. And If I could tell you the most important thing about the shoulder, I would. But I can’t, because there are many important things. The shoulder is often referred to as the “shoulder complex”, and it’s just that, complex. The design of the shoulder allows for a lot of motion, yet little stability. 

Which leads me to the first important thing – 

strengthening. Every injured shoulder needs strengthening. In fact, it’s safe to say that every shoulder needs strengthening, injured or not. Proper strengthening is injury prevention. But you already know that – there are still 4 more essential components to shoulder rehab that you need to know.

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Pain Free Sleep 

by Hilary Froman, PharmD 

One thing is clear to all of us who have had shoulder injuries – shoulder pain and sleep don’t mix. You can toss and turn for ages and not find a comfortable position, and catching some shut-eye can seem like a lost cause. 

Insomnia happens to all 

of us occasionally. When 

you are recovering from 

an injury, sleep is 

essential, but often 

elusive. For those with 

shoulder injuries, having 

good sleep positioning 

strategies is essential for 


First of all, don’t ‘tough it 

out.’ Before worrying about sleep positions, get control over your pain. This is no time to test your pain threshold. Follow your prescribed icing and medication regimen. Pain is a big barrier to a good night’s rest, so keep on top of the pain. Once you’ve addressed that, then you can figure out which sleep position to try. Here are a couple of ideas: 


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