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Do’s and Don’ts of Running | A Very Misunderstood Muscle 

Do’s and Don’ts of Running 

We are getting the first taste of spring and with that, I’ve seen some runners on the trails. Have you tried to run, but keep getting hurt? Or 

The Anti-Gravity Treadmill Turns Back Time 

“You can’t turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again.” -Bonnie Prudden 

When I was 21, I got serious about exercise. The aerobics craze was in full swing, and after all, I was headed for PT school; it was time to start walking the talk. To give you an idea of how old I am, I bought a pair of cheap sneakers from the “Five and Dime” and I hit the ground running. The shoes were lousy, and though they gave me blisters, nothing else really hurt. My muscles were th at good kind of sore and the rest of my body 

was fine. Young joints are 

strong and resilient. Ahh, the 

good old days. 

Fast-forward almost 40 years 

and I feel like the Princess 

and the Pea. No more cheap 

sneakers; the shoes have to 

be just right, my running form 

has to be just right, and 

though I can still run, all the 

have you been too intimidated to even buy 

conditions have to be just right to allow me to run without pain. 

ALTA’s new Anti GravityTreadmill 

those running shoes? (Boulder can be an intimidating place for newbies to any sport). We have good news for you! Erin Brooks, DPT, & Scott Swann, MPT, OCS, two ALTA 

therapists, will share their experience with 

A few weeks ago I ran on an anti-gravity treadmill. They call it the Alter G, but between you and me, I just ran in a Time Machine. It felt like I turned the clock back 40 years. How?

common running 

injuries. More details to come, but save the date: April 24th, 6-7 pm 


You know how 

construction goes 

– delays happen. Most of it is our fault. We’ve tweaked and re-tweaked the projects because we want everything to be perfect. The new 

treatment room will be ready at the end of 


The ramp construction will be completed this summer and features a covered ramp and stairs into the building. We are excited about these projects and again, 

appreciate your patience as we fine tune and fuss over the details. 

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A Very Misunderstood Muscle 

We have heard over and over again about the psoas muscle being tight. Your massage therapist may tell you, you may have heard it from your trainer, and even your PT may have it wrong. So many folks think they are struggling with a tight psoas and that pesky psoas is the source of many woes: lower back pain, sacro-iliac joint pain, hip pain, and thigh pain. 

You’ve tried stretching it – but to no avail. You’ve had it pummeled to death by your massage therapist and still, the psoas is the bane of your existence. 

The psoas may be the source of your pain, true. But stop blaming your poor psoas for feeling tight- it’s not tight, it’s weak. A tight psoas muscle has been implicated as a source of many problems, but definitive research has finally cleared it. (Comerford, Richardson) 

This is not a muscle you can or should ignore. No, if you’ve had any back injuries, your psoas is probably not working the way it should. Instead of being tight, it has gone quiet. Your psoas became weak within minutes of your injury and at the exact level that the injury occurred. 

Here’s what happens then: Read more. 

Waking up your Psoas. You have 

strengthened your core, but you still hurt. 

Click on the video to see what you’ve missed.


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