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Experienced PTA Joins ALTA – Meet Laura 

November 2019 

Experienced PTA Joins ALTA – Meet Laura 

ALTA PT is thrilled to welcome 

Laura Cummings, PTA to our 

team of therapists. Laura is a life 

long learner with a varied and 

extensive skill set. Not only is 

she trained as a Cranio-sacral 

therapist and certified as a yoga 

instructor, but Laura has loved 

teaching Pilates for over 16 

years. Though Laura has been at 

ALTA for just a short time, 

patients she has treated have 

Laura Cummings, PTA, MA, M.C.O. Cert 

been thrilled with their care. As Laura says: “I believe that 

optimal health and well-being is for EVERY BODY and that all people, no matter their age, agility, size or fitness level can benefit from exercise. I love helping my clients rediscover their bodies with love and compassion.” 

Welcome Laura – we are so happy to have you at ALTA! Click here for Laura’s full bio.

Billing Changes 

Effective November 1st, we changed billing companies. We are excited to offer you a more efficient and accurate service. 

Statements may look different. Should you have questions, please feel free to call us. 

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You 

The dog days of summer are gone, fall is here and the holidays will soon be upon us! This time of year remind s us of how thankful we are for our patients. Thank you for your loyalty to our business. Thank you for your smiles and positive attitudes. Thank you for doing your exercises. ��

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending your friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances to see us. Our largest and most consistent referral source 

is our patients. We are truly honored and we appreciate your confidence in us, more than words can say. 

We wish you health and happiness this holiday season. Run that Turkey Trot, spend time with friends and family, hoist that bird out of the oven. We’ve got your back (and your neck and your shoulder and your knee…) and we will always do our part to keep you movin’ and groovin’. 

Cheers to the holiday season! 

November 28th 

November 29th  


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