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Feeling Gratitude

“Feeling Gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present 

and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward. 

We all make lists – grocery lists, things to do lists, and lately on 

Facebook, I’ve seen a gratitude list. It’s a challenge to make a 

daily list of things for which you are grateful. There’s some 

science behind the gratitude list, some health reasons for 

focusing on gratitude. 

Feeling gratitude makes us happier, and also healthier. Drs. 

Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough have studied 

gratitude extensively. In one of their studies, subjects were 

divided into three groups each with different assignments. One 

group wrote daily about things for which they were grateful, 

group two wrote about things that aggravated them, and a third 

group jotted down anything that affected them, good or bad. 

After 10 weeks, the groups were compared and the group that 

focused on gratitude was more optimistic. They exercised 

more and went to the doctor less – they reported fewer aches 

and pains. Although the study could not determine cause and 

effect, similar studies support a strong relationship between 

being grateful and having a solid sense of well-being. 

So here’s the ALTA Gratitude List: 

  1. We are grateful to work in a profession where 

people regain strength, fitness, well-being and 

health. We love being a part of the solution. 

  1. We are grateful to work in a facility with so many 

great rehab tools: Pilates reformers, the AlterG, 

barrels, chairs, Core Stix and more. 

  1. We are grateful for colleagues with a different set of 

tools and different ways of looking at a problem. We 

learn from each other every day, and all in the 

service of our patients. 

  1. We are grateful to live in a town where exercise and 

health have high value.

As a reminder, our office will be closed Thursday 11/27 and Friday 11/28 for the Thanksgiving 


Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!! 

  1. And most of all, we are grateful every day for you, our patients. You provide us with opportunities to grow professionally and personally, and to share in your successes. 

We hope you know how much we value each of you. We think you do. And many of you send us huge compliments; you send your sisters, husbands, daughters and friends to see us. We’re grateful for your trust. It is a trust we don’t take lightly. 

So during this season of giving thanks, big thanks go to each of you. 

With heartfelt gratitude, 

Your friends at ALTA


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