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Woo Hoo, it’s summer! 

May 2017 

Boo Hoo ­ how am I ever going to get some exercise with the kids out of school??? 

Don’t give up. If you work outside of the home, you deal with this issue year­round. Busy parents have developed all kinds of strategies to make working out work out. 

Here are some to consider: 

  1. Up and at ’em: Get your work out done before the day gets away from you. If you have your exercise clothes all laid out, your alarm set, and your work out plan in place, it will happen. Stick with it and it gets easier as it becomes a habit ­ like brushing your teeth. 
  2. Make an appointment: If you put it on the calendar, it’s more likely to happen. With a family calendar, you can write it

down so everyone knows that you are headed to Pilates after work on Thursday. 

  1. Buddy up: It sounded so good last night, but when the alarm goes off, you might find a reason to roll over and skip the run, unless you have a running partner. Showing up for someone else can be much easier than showing up for yourself, and you both win in the end. 
  2. Ditch your car: To get to soccer practice, hop on your bike, grab the jog stroller, or plan to walk or run while the kids practice. It might be tempting to grab some down time, but set a good example for your kids and everyone will be relaxed and happy after their work outs. 
  3. Join in the fun: The playground is full of exercise equipment. You can do step­ups, incline push­ups or pull­ups while the kids are running around. Or, run around with them! 

Enjoy the opportunity to be active all summer long. But, if pain gets in the way of enjoying movement, schedule an appointment at ALTA. We’ all help you put fun back into fitness. 


Derya Anderson enjoys learning 

about the inherent wisdom of the 

body and helping her patients 

discover the same. She draws upon a 

variety of sources to help her patients 

achieve lasting change. 

“Wellness is not simply being without 

pain or discomfort, it is about finding 

balance and ease within the body.” 

Before earning her Doctorate in 

Physical Therapy, Derya taught yoga 

for four years which has given her a 

unique view on body structure and 

function. Her treatment interests

have since expanded to include dizziness and vestibular rehabilitation. This stemmed from her experience with patients who have had a concussion, and seeing the dramatic effect that addressing dizziness and balance deficits can have on their quality of life. In addition to concussion management, she also has additional training and experience with rehabilitation for runners and running gait analysis. 

B.S.: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. University of Colorado, Boulder. 2010. 

Doctorate: Physical Therapy. University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. 2016. 

Yearlong Clinical Internship: Wardenburg Health Center, Boulder, CO. 2016­2017 

Certified Yoga Instructor: 200 hour and 500 hour trainings, advanced trainings in adaptive and restorative yoga. Member: American Physical Therapy Association, Orthopedic Section. 

“Finding the best approach for each person 

is a challenge and an art. The most effective 

is one that resonates with the individual. 

This is why I place so much weight on 

understanding a patient’s goals, lifestyle, 

and expectations.” 



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