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Getting Better in 2018! 

December 2017 

Getting Better in 2018! 

Remember the days when health insurance was a no-brainer? You plopped your insurance card down on the counter at any medical office and expected insurance to pick up the tab for pretty much anything you needed. Those were the days… 

Things started to get complicated with the introduction of HMOs and PPOs. If you wanted to choose your doctors, you checked the box for PPO. One choice led to another. Were the doctors out-of-network or in-network? Were the services covered or not? Was there a deductible or co-pay, and what’s the difference anyway? 

Fast forward to today and insurance keeps changing. There are constant decisions to make. You have to change your mindset. Not all your health care is paid for, and that’s not all bad. Now, you can choose whom you see and how you spend money on your health.  It’s worth it. Heck, you’re worth it! 

Here are a few tips about getting 

the healthcare you want. To get 

the most out of your healthcare 

dollars, be an informed consumer. 

Ask friends for advice when it 

comes to a doctor or therapist 

(Many of our patients find us 

through their friends and family  

and we really appreciate it!). Don’t 

immediately shy away from out-of 

network providers. Here’s the 

inside scoop on in-network vs. out 

of-network care: physical 

therapists who have chosen to be 

in-network for all insurance companies are having a hard time making ends meet. They make less money from each visit, so they can either see people for shorter visits, have patients seen mostly by aides, or maybe a combination of the two. Either way, the service is not the same — just like when you choose McGuckin’s over Home Depot. Healthcare is no different. 

At ALTA, we have contracted 

with insurance companies 

who value the excellent 

service we provide. This 

allows us to continue to 

deliver quality care. Though 

we’re sorry not to be in 

network for every insurance, 

you would notice a big 

difference in quality if we 


With the New Year upon us, 

many of you will change 

insurance plans. Whether it’s group health or Medicare, each plan has specific benefits. We are happy to help you navigate your plan coverage for physical therapy, whether it’s in- or out-of-network.

If you have received new insurance cards, please inform our front desk so we can update your information without any delays in treatment. Dealing with insurance can be frustrating, but our front office is happy to help any way we can. Keep in mind your end goal is to get better using the many resources available to you. We are here for you! 

Our office will be closed 

December 25th & January 1st. 

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