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“I want a pillow that won’t hurt my neck.” | IMT – a key piece of the puzzle 

“I want a pillow that won’t hurt my neck.” 

Finding a good pillow isn’t easy. Many pillows look lovely on the bed, but feel lousy once you crawl under the covers and try to rest your head. Ideally, your pillow should support your neck and head in a neutral position. Here are a few tips for blissful slumber: 

Back sleepers: Use a thin pillow that does not throw your head forward. Find a pillow with extra loft in the bottom third of the pillow to cradle your neck. 

Side sleepers: Use a larger pillow that supports the space between your ear and your shoulder. 

Stomach sleepers: Just get over it. You’ll crank on your neck no matter what pillow you use. 

Pillows are made of many different materials: Lots of people like memory foam, but it may be too hot for some people. Latex stays firm, so may not contour to your neck well. Down can be great, if you are not allergic to it. 

A product called “PT Pillow” makes a fabulous down pillow with variable loft. One side is bigger than the other, so it could work for either a side or a back sleeper. Check it out: pillow-1038.cfm

Your PT can also help you problem solve the pillow dilemma. Send us your questions. A 

IMT – a key piece of the puzzle 

By Mary McClure, MMSc, PT 

I love how my practice has evolved over the last 33 years as a physical therapist. So many new and wonderful evaluation and treatment techniques are emerging constantly that there is never a reason to be bored. I’m thrilled when I can relax an artery in the pelvis and back pain goes away. Or that getting the bladder moving can make Yoga hip openers a piece of cake for my patient. 

I am fortunate to have been mentored by strong visionaries who encouraged me to stray 

outside the box a bit as I 

searched for new knowledge. 

What a fun journey I am on! 

Since being a part of the ALTA 

team, my horizons have soared. 

I’ve been exposed to a variety of 

more subtle energy- based 

practices such as Integrative 

Manual Therapy, Body Talk and 

visceral mobilization. And, they 

resonate with me. 

A Learning Machine

solution is waiting for you. 

ALTA therapists are hungry. We love to learn new things 

that help us become better healers. We are passionate. In 

the past month, here’s what we’ve learned: 

Jonathan took a four day visceral class that was fantastic: 

“It’s surprising that healthy 

motility of organs can make 

such a profound difference in 

spinal movement. Most of us 

have some decreased organ 

movement, so these new tools 

will help my patients move 

with greater ease. It’s exciting.” 

Visceral Mobilization Link 

Event Alert! 

Don’t miss the fun! Celebrate summer by riding around Boulder on June 2nd. The B-360 is a fantastic family event that celebrates our fabulous, fit and fun loving community. This year, the event honors one of Boulder’s all time best bike advocates, Leslie Bohm. See you there

B-360 Circle Boulder by Bicycle Sunday June 2nd, 2013 Honoring Leslie Bohm 

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Scott took a one day refresher class to learn what’s new in running. Scott has been taking and teaching running classes for years. He’s been 

a recreational runner as 

well, so he knows first hand 

how easily runners get hurt. 

“Trends and research have 

changed how we evaluate 

runners.” says Scott. Learn 

the latest from Scott. 

Click here for run screen info 

Mary and Jane went to California for an advanced BodyTalk class. It was four days 

of intensive learning and 

practicing Parama BodyTalk with 

34 other advanced practitioners. 

The class was team taught by an 

M.D. from Mexico City and an 

acupuncturist from Miami. The 

combination was terrific and now 

we are more excited than ever 

about what BodyTalk can do to 

help our clients. 

BodyTalk Link.


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