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Movement as Medicine for the Holiday Blues 

Movement as Medicine for the Holiday Blues 

Holiday 2016 

Holiday blues can happen to anyone. If the current holiday doesn’t live up to memories of perfect holidays past, or if this year the kids are with their spouses’ families, things can feel less merry. Perhaps 

you are remembering family and friends who are no longer with you, or the increased stress of a longer “things to do” list is taking a toll. Holiday lights may not be enough to lift that dark mood. 

Here’s where the mind-body connection comes to the rescue. As John Ratey laid out in his book Spark, aerobic exercise works better and longer than anti-depressive meds in managing depression and with no negative side effects. Exercise, especially when done outdoors, increases levels of brain neurotransmitters and does wonders to make you feel better. Improving physical health improves mental health. That is great news. 

Here’s another tip for the holiday 

blues: One of the best ways to 

increase your own happiness is 

to do things that make other 

people happy. Random Acts of 

Kindness, especially clustered 

into one day, make people happy 

according the Greater Good 

Science Center. Think of an elderly neighbor who needs their sidewalk shoveled or their dog walked when the weather outside is frightful. Think of taking your kids and a few of their buddies sledding so other parents can finish holiday tasks. You’ll help someone in need, get some mood-lifting exercise, and feel better in the balance. Everyone wins! 

From our family to yours, may the 

holiday season and the coming

year be filled with health and 


ALTA – Giving Back to Our Community 

Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) changes lives. Every day, they provide to those in our community whose immediate needs for food and shelter cannot be adequately met by other means. EFAA supports people’s efforts toward financial stability and self-sufficiency. 

When we thought about the many organizations that need help during the holidays, EFAA came to mind. So as a community, we gathered presents to take to them. They have a room filled with gifts, enabling parents to shop for their children for Christmas. We added a carload to the gift room, and sent a check to the organization as well. Wow, did that feel good! 

We are happy to contribute to our community. And we are grateful that EFAA is a vital part of the solution for families in need.


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