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JUNE 2020 

You’ve delayed coming in, hoping that things would change. I get that. No one wants to expose themselves to any risk that is not absolutely necessary. But if nagging pain is talking more loudly than ever, it may be time to consider your options. What are the consequences of delaying treatment? Is your pain interfering with your ability to sleep, to exercise, to enjoy your life? Is it distracting you from getting your work done? 

If any of these are true for you, you might want to weigh not doing anything against making an appointment. Especially if a therapy visit

has low risk. And speaking of weighing risks, we are doing that every day as things are getting busier. Safety is always top of mind.  

The new air filters in our treatment rooms. EPASilent filtration technology removes 99.97% of particles. 

Because person to person transmission from aerosols and droplets is our biggest risk, we have installed air purifiers in each room and in the gym. Unlike many local clinics, we have private treatment rooms for all of our patients. That way, you avoid unnecessary exposure. Every employee wears an N95 mask and we require all of our patients to wear masks. Between these measures and hand washing, we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe, while still providing treatment.  

How to keep everyone safe:  

If you have symptoms of COVID -19, please cancel your appointment.

If you have been exposed to COVID -19 in the past two weeks, don’t come in. 


We are counting on our community to be as cautious as we are in minimizing the spread of Coronavirus. Thanks for your help.  


Changes starting June 22nd: 

At the time of your appointment, follow the signs and enter the building through the south entrance (Baseline). 

Baseline Facing Entrance 

The aide will take your temperature and escort you to a treatment room. 

If required, you can do paperwork in the treatment room at the time of your visit. 

After treatment, you stop at reception to schedule and pay as needed. 

You exit into the parking lot through the north door.

North Side of 


If you have a credit card on file, it’ll be easy and quick.  

We appreciate your cooperation as we institute protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy.  


We are now scheduling through 

September 4th for all therapists

We look forward to helping you feel good again! Please call to make an appointment at 303-444-8707.


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