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The Tipping Point | Down to the Wire


ALTA Therapists are motivated and passionate about their work – always learning about ways to promote health and healing for our clients. 

Here’s what we’ve been doing in the last few months: 

Jonathan: Pilates Method 

Alliance Conference -a 

presenter and participant. 

Level II Visceral mobilization. Pilates Anytime presenter. 

Jane, Allyson and Alena: 

Private Practice Meeting for Physical Therapy. 

Russ took courses on 

Physical Exam of the Cervical Spine and Evidence Based Treatment of the Hip. 

Mary and Jane took Parama Unit II Practical for advanced 

The Tipping Point 

Have you ever experienced the jolting feeling of stepping off a curb when you thought it was a big step, but it was only a few inches? Do you remember how off balance you felt? 

In that instance, you had a conflict in your nervous system between the information coming through your eyes, and the force you experienced in your joints. Your muscles were not “on alert” to protect you, nor did they have time to adapt to the change in environment. We’ve all had this happen and it is startling. 

On a smaller scale, readjustments such as this happen often. Our brain integrates information from three systems: our eyes, our inner ears (the vestibular system) and our joints and muscles (somatosensory system) to control movement through coordinated muscle activity. We call this Neuromuscular Control. 

If we are not trained to react, even subtle nervous system conflicts can cause falls. For those of us deconditioned or injured, something as simple as a misstep can lead to another injury. If we do not train for neuromuscular control to respond to the unexpected, we can expect more frequent falls. 

And it matters. “Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths in older adults and a significant cause of injury,

levels of BodyTalk. 

Mary and Lori took the course Body Ecology, for managing the gut micro biome and the immune system. 

Mary took a course in 

Structural Integration using BodyTalk . 

Kristine: N’Balance, an 

evidence based balance program. Principles of 

Consciousness course in BodyTalk. 

Erin did a certification 

program for Pilates, took her certification exam for the PMA 

disability, and healthcare costs.” Journal on Active Aging, October 2003. 

While all three systems deteriorate with age, balance programs make a huge difference in fall risk. These programs address strength, power and coordination, all of which play an important role in balance. For example, if you do get off balance, improving reaction time could prevent a fall. 

N’Balance is a balance program based on 

sound research. It is designed to not only 

improve balance and coordination but also to empower you with tools that can reduce your fall risk. The exercises challenge you to use 

each of the three systems to help maintain 

and a mobilization class called Nags and Snags. Lori: American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Conference. 

balance. Taking away or impairing one of the systems forces you to rely on the other systems for balance, thus strengthening those systems. 

Click for a Balance Exercise 

Scott was in San Francisco for The Science of Running 

Symposium with the gurus in the field. 

Do You Have New 


It’s that time of year again! Did you enroll in a new insurance plan? Did you keep your same insurance, but change to a different benefit 

package? Please be sure to let our front desk know and bring in a copy 

The program is twice a week for 6 weeks. We are working on the schedule now and plan to start a class in early 2015. Stay tuned. In the meantime, watch this video for a taste of where the class begins. Where it ends will be a more confident, safer you. 

Down to the Wire 

I tossed and turned last night, wondering how I was going to find something fun and meaningful for the last few people on my Christmas list. I could swear the month of December goes by faster than all the rest – where did the time go? 

I had to rule out bon-bons, 

high end booze, and e 

cigarettes because I am, 

after all, a health care 

professional. So what could 

be fun and good for the 

people on your Christmas list 

at the same time? Are those 

two things mutually 

exclusive? Absolutely not! 

We can place fun and fitness 

in the same sentence…. and make 

your gift recipients happy, all at once. 

Here are a few ideas from your friends at ALTA: 1. A fit ball. You can watch your favorite movie and

of your new insurance card for us to scan. Thank you! 

Holiday Closures 

Our office will be closed for the Christmas 

and New Year Holidays Thursday, December 25th & 

Thursday, January 1st 

There will not be any Pilates Classes on 

Wednesday, December 24th 

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! 

Join Our List


do roll downs at the same time. In 

stock here. 

  1. The best pillow ever for anyone with a cranky neck. Call if you want one. 
  2. Private Pilates lessons: 3 for $120 is a steal of a deal and a great way to get someone started on core strength and flexibility. 
  3. A series on the AlterG: For someone who has trouble walking or running without pain, this is a dream come true. It can feel like a miracle. 
  4. Qi Gong classes: for the tightly wound person on your list, help them / feel relaxed, grounded and revitalized with a series of 4 Qi Gong 


  1. The winter run program at Fast Forward is perfect for anyone on your list who wants the coaching, encouragement and camaraderie of a group, all while running towards your personal best level of fitness and fun. Exclusively through ALTA get $20 off with this discount code: 


  1. A BodyTalk session: to discover how body and mind can communicate better for optimal health. 

Make someone on your Christmas list happy with a gift of health. And if you’ve already finished your shopping for the season, relax and reward yourself with one of these great gifts. 

Happy and Healthy Holidays to you and your family, ALTA


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