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There’s More to Balance than Balancing | Handling a Heat Wave

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ONE STEP AT A TIME:  Your Guide to Injury Free Running 

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Understand why you continue to be injured or re-injured. 

Learn how to change your running strategies or form, your strength training, or your 

stretching program to get the best results and have the most fun for your time on the running trails. 

There’s More to Balance than Balancing . . . 

Having good balance requires challenging your balance – ie: standing on one leg while brushing my teeth and things like that. Closing my eyes and trying not to take out my teeth on the bathroom sink, things like that. But I never got much better at it. I always needed a stick to help with the Russian squats during Pilates. What was I missing? The answer was strength, and even more important, balanced strength. 

For other reasons (mainly the red-headed therapist we call Russ), I started doing hip strengthening exercises. So now I was not just standing on one leg, I was standing on one leg with a theraloop around my knees while brushing my teeth. I have always been into multi-tasking and this was really cool. 

After a few weeks, lo and behold, – I was killin’ it on the Russian squats, as my daughter would say. 

So before you throw in the towel and decide your balance will never get better, make sure you have balanced strength and well as overall balance. And if you want expert guidance to improve your balance, consider signing up for our balance classes, which will be starting soon. 

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Time & Place: 

Monday, April 27th 

6:00 PM at 

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2955 Baseline Rd. 




Kristine will schedule another Tai Chi class for arthritis as interest continues to increase. The new class will be held on Tuesday afternoons starting early May. 

If you are interested, please contact her at: or by phone at: 

303-444-8707 ext 109. 

There are a few spots available, so email or call today for more information. 

Handling a Heat Wave 

Getting overheated while working out can really ruin your day, maybe your life. That sounds dramatic, but it’s something to think about when temperatures climb. 

How do you know when you’re getting overheated? 

Overheating – or thermal strain – feels exhausting. You may be going your usual pace or even slower than normal but you have some or all of these symptoms: 

Cool, moist skin with goose bumps 

Heavy sweating 

Feeling Faint 



Weak, rapid pulse 

Muscle cramps 



You feel like you are working harder than 


If you experience any of these symptoms, especially together, you should stop exercising, move to the shade, and get into a cool bath or hose off with cool water to lower your core temperature. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention. 

Tolerating heat better comes from being able to dissipate 

heat efficiently – sweating more and sooner during 

exercise. While fit people tend to sweat more, they lose 

If you have PT related questions, please ask us on our FaceBook page. But, for important health related questions that are outside the scope of our physical therapy practice, the Grillo Health Information Center is a valuable 

fewer electrolytes. As sweat evaporates, you maintain a better core temperature. We are lucky in Colorado, because our dry climate allows evaporation and thus cooling to occur more easily. 

Avoiding heat exhaustion is possible; we can all acclimate to warm weather exercise over time, so working out in the spring, as temperatures gradually rise, is smart. And if you

resource in our community. The Grillo staff is available to do health research for you. It is their belief that an informed public reduces the overall cost of health care. To learn more about this valuable resource, go to 

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already exercise regularly, you’re ahead of the game, because you have a better tolerance for the heat if you’re physically fit.


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