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October 2018 


I get a lump in my throat at the 

thought of this: Though we have 

been blessed to have Mary 

McClure as part of our healing 

profession for over 40 years, 

(almost 20 years at ALTA), she is 

retiring on December 20th. 

We are not saying she does not 

deserve to retire…. We are just 

saying that we are going to miss 

her deeply. 

And here’s why: 

Mary loves to educate, she loves to learn and she loves to help. It’s the perfect combination for a Physical Therapist. She’s a problem solver by nature, and her passion has always been to help her patients and colleagues find solutions to challenges. We have all learned from Mary. Whether she finds an article we’ve been searching for, or turns us onto a new course, she is the penultimate learner and teacher.

While no one will replace her, Mary’s inspiration has opened our minds and eyes to new possibilities. She has changed this clinic in substantial ways and has helped us always focus on the mission and people we serve. It will be daunting to forge ahead without her lead, but the way she has enriched us will continue to inspire us all. 

Mary, we wish you all the very best in retirement. We are so grateful for your service and your friendship and with your shining example; we are committed to continuing to serve our community and our patients. 


Kay Holthaus:

Kay moved to Boulder two years 

ago from Cincinnati, Ohio with her 

fiancé, Alex, and their two cats, 

Kittie, and Lolo. Before coming to 

ALTA, Kay was a store manager for 

a jewelry company, ALEX AND ANI. 

She is thrilled to finally have 

weekends off and she spends as 

much of her free time as possible 

traveling, especially to Las Vegas! 

When she isn’t out of town, Kay 

tries to catch all the Nuggets 

games she can. Kay is really 

looking forward to the holiday 

season and her wedding in January. She has met so many wonderful folks here already and is excited to meet more! 

Katya Martinez

Katya is a junior at the Leeds 

School of Business at CU Boulder. 

Though she started with a major 

in accounting, she wanted a more 

people-oriented career, so she 

switched to Marketing with a 

minor in Spanish. She loves it. 

Katya is looking forward to getting 

to know all the ALTA patients. 

In her free time, Katya loves to spend time with her family, walk her Shih Tzu mix dog, Fluffy, and cook yummy Mexican food. Her favorite dishes are posole and tamales. We are trying to get on Katya’s good side so she’ll share tamales with us! In addition to lots of experience in customer service, Katya has enjoyed coaching soccer for kids of all ages.

Please stop and introduce yourself if you haven’t already. You can count on Kay and Katya to help you navigate scheduling appointments, insurance questions and more. 

With all the dreadful news about climate change and because of a growing awareness of the problems with plastic, we are making some changes and we need your help. 

Adjacent to the Eldorado Springs water, we will now have small cone paper cups that can be recycled. We will have a recycle bin next to the dispenser, as well as a compost bin for paper towels. Our plastic cups are going away, but feel free to fill your water bottle from the dispenser. 

In the restrooms, we will be sorting the compostable paper towels from other trash, so please pay attention and sort accordingly.

Thank you for helping us become a little greener. 

Update From Our Last Newsletter: 

Medicare vs Medicare Advantage Plans 

After speaking with an ALTA client who sells Medicare Advantage plans, I want to clarify that you need to be enrolled in and pay for your Medicare Part B to participate in any Medicare advantage plans.


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