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Bicycles and Brains

Bicycles and Brains

Personally, I can go on and on about the benefits of cycling, and so can my family. “Mom is so much happier after a ride to Jamestown; it’s a great time to hit her up for cash.”

If you Google benefits of cycling, they are plentiful.For example, go abike and brainhead, stop at Spruce Confections on the way home – you just burned 488 calories in an hour. And, while you are burning those calories and getting stronger, you can listen to the lovely rush of water from the Left Hand Canyon creek, see amazing cliffs as you reach Buckingham Park and smell the pines. Every sense is so alive that your quads hardly notice…. Okay, I got carried away.

But, even if you still feel your quads, it’s great to be on your bike. More amazing, check out what cycling can do for a brain. A study currently underway is finding that kids with ADHD do much better on tests when they ride their bikes to school than when they are driven. Should every kid ride to school before the TCAPs?

If you saw The King’s Speech, you’ll remember how singing relieved stuttering for the king. Something similar happens for Parkinson’s patients when they ride a bike. A recent study of 26 patients with Parkinson’s disease found improvements in brain connectivity after an 8-week stationary biking program. Those who cycled hardest had the biggest changes. And although no one knows how cycling will change the course of Parkinson’s disease, the fact that something improves is undeniable.

This video made my jaw drop:check it out3




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