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Erin – 25 Days and Counting

Originally published on August 31, 2011

Hi All!

Time for another update on my progress.  I am walking better and better each day.  I can put weight on my left leg now and still use the walker for balance aid.  I walk a little more evenly and have been trying to walk short distances several times throughout the day.  I keep hoping the weather will cool off because it is impossible to be out side for more than a few minutes in my HOT brace!  I would appreciate a rain dance or two! Make that a SNOW dance; I have never been so ready for winter, snow and COLD temperatures!

When I was in the hospital I kept joking with my physical therapist that my goal was to be able to far enough so I could walk to the coffee shop around the corner when I got home.  On Monday, it was much cooler and Paul suggested we make a “run” for it to Spruce Confections.  I would walk with my mom
and he would drive the car so I could have a ride home.  In hindsight this was not our best idea…. I made it part of the way and then took up residence on a neighbor’s front porch and had to call him for a ride.  I sure didn’t think a day would come anytime soon that I wouldn’t be able to walk to the
coffee shop.  In my defense the last part of the walk is slightly uphill.

I have a nurse, a PT and on occupational therapist come to my home on a regular basis. They are very good and I appreciate the help.  In all honesty, this may not have been the best time to write an update.

I woke up this morning on the “wrong side of the bed!”  My leg hurt more than usual, I did NOT want to wear my back brace not for ONE MINUTE and I have been generally uncomfortable and grumpy all morning.  I suppose it is not surprising to have occasional days like today but I hope it doesn’t happen too often.

My neck continues to feel good and not be a source of pain; my back and leg are touch and go.

Thank you all for all the encouraging words, card and thoughts.  It means a lot and all the positive energy is helping me to heal.

Cheers to good health!



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