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Erin – Please don’t send me Apples!


I have spent the last two weeks checking in with all my doctors. That means I had six appointments to go to plus home health physical therapy and nursing. Whew. Now I get two weeks off from doctors before I do it all again! Overall, everyone had good news for me which I am thankful for.

The orthopedist took x-rays and was happy that the iliac crest fracture had not moved and was pleased with the mobility in my left hip. My fibula is also healing nicely. My dentist took films of my front, top four teeth and could see they were traumatized but didn’t feel there was any work for him to do right now. He said there is potential for four root canals in the future. I hope he is wrong about that. For now, apples are not appropriate “get well soon” gifts for me.

The doctor who is the head of my case was concerned about my back pain, particularly because pain has largely at the other fracture sites. I’m concerned too but hoping that each day is a little better. She also didn’t like that my wounds were healing into thick scars which could be barriers to full range of motion in the future. I am anxious for my wounds to heal because I got the go-ahead from all doctors to do pool workouts once I have no more open wounds. I saw the plastic surgeon who stitched my face and lip and he was happy and less concerned about my scars. He said with full-thickness wounds like I had, the scarring was not unusual and was not concerned about range of motion. Medicine is clearly not an exact science! He did recommend some scar treatment which goes on like nail polish and peels off like Elmer’s Glue. So now in addition to all the handicap accessibilities in our house we have flakes of Scar Guard on the couch/rugs/carpet/you name it pretty much everywhere.

Lastly, I saw the neurosurgeon and after 48 hours of very intense pain a few days before the appointment I was honestly anticipating bad news. He also took films (I’m still glowing from the radiation) and was happy that my spine was still in good alignment and the T5 fracture appeared to not have compressed any more. That was great news and Paul and I relaxed a little once we heard that. The bone is healing slowly, more slowly than he was hoping for (meaning, to my dismay likely more time in the brace) but nonetheless it is healing. He didn’t feel my pain was terribly unusual given the multi-trauma injury and had me try some different meds to manage the pain.

I am happy to have made it through my first round of follow-ups with mostly good news and no talk of surgery right now. I’m working hard in therapy and trying to be patient. I have upgraded from a walker to a cane and it is going well! My left hip gets extremely shaky and fatigued after walking just a couple blocks but in the hospital I got the same fatigue walking just to the bathroom! That is progress!

There are so many things I miss doing: biking, running, working, walking without a limp and so many more. I think of those things sometimes as inspiration but can’t think about them too much because I get bummed at how long it will take to return to all those activities. For now I’m just thinking healing thoughts for my wounds to I can get in the pool and feel like I’m getting a little exercise.

Thanks again for all the kind thoughts and cards. I’m looking forward to healing and coming back to work so I can in turn help others to heal.



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