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Erin Update . . . from the comfort of her recliner!

Originally posted on September 12, 2011

Hey folks-

Time for another update from the comfort of my recliner!  I continue to have great
improvement from my left hip.  I can walk further before it hurts and I can weight bear almost fully on it.  As my hip has felt better and I put more weight on it, my fibular fracture has bothered me more.  Overall I’m pleased with improvement in my left leg.

Yesterday I went in to Hanger Prosthetics and Orthopedics so they could adjust my brace.  They are trying to slowly move my head to off load both my upper cervical and my T5
fracture.  I was NOT happy when I left there.  I had gotten used to my brace
(still hated it!) but had gotten used to the way it was and coming home I basically had a meltdown because I was hot and uncomfortable and my jaw hurt and I felt claustrophobic.  I took it off immediately when I got home and laid around and felt bad for myself.  I have had it back on since then and I’m getting used to it but computer work has gotten harder because I can’t see the keys and the screen as easily.  Hopefully I can get used to it before the next adjustment!

My back fracture concerns me.  The neurosurgeon told me that if the back pain gets worse or doesn’t get better it is a bad sign because the compression fracture is getting worse and wedging more.  If I am flat on my back it feels fine like it has from the beginning  but it is still really uncomfortable when I am upright.  I can sit upright for 10-15 minutes and can walk for about the same time before the pain sets in and I need to be flat on my back.
That has been pretty status quo for 2-3 weeks now and is worrisome.  Back surgery is my biggest concern at this point.

Paul bought us a television and and Apple TV connector to try to make my life a little more entertaining.  After not having a TV for so long I don’t even know what to watch.  Any movie recommendations?  It is helpful and my friends are now even more excited to stop by and visit!

My wounds are healing.  My left knee is the worst and is still really painful but all are making
good progress.  That has been a relief as they have healed quickly and without infection.

I was saddened yesterday (when I was already feeling sorry for myself) to hear about the three female cyclists who were hit by a car in nearly the same place I was hit a month ago. I hope they heal fully and drivers and cyclists both increase their awareness on the roads.

Hope you are all well – miss you all very much!



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