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Erin Update

Originally posted on  August 26, 2011

hey folks

just wanted to give you an update. the doctors/nurses/etc. had a meeting about me yesterday and they are betting i will be here 2 more weeks. I’m doing better, had a big win today. i walked 150 feet with 2 rest breaks during therapy. big day.

I’m gaining tolerance with my brace. the goal is for me to sit for 60 minutes in it and I think I’m there. it is hot and tiresome. i have some weird blood pressure issues and every morning i come very close to hitting the deck but the nurses now know to always have a chair close by. very spinny and vertigo-ish symptoms. kind of unnerving. i also had a hard time yesterday and today regulating heat. my dad and sister are gone now so it’s just Paul and my mom.

i’m doing well, have tons of nurses to help me with everything but being home even with good help is intimidating. i will have to wear my brace for about 3 months and it is hard to be mobile in it. i have loved all the nice comments on Facebook, people are very uplifting and I’m going to take some credit for all the new Facebook friends that Alta has!

my stitches came out of my face and it is looking much more normal. i have lots of other bandages and scabs elsewhere that I’m told are healing really well and quickly but still look gross. my fibula doesn’t really bother me, just feels like mild calf tightness. my dens fracture also doesn’t really bother me, which surprised me. my neck hurts a bit but not really upper cervical spine. the T5 fracture and the left iliac crest fracture bother me a lot. i can’t weight bear on my left leg or roll that way in bed. the T5 pain is what wakes me up at night needing pain meds.

cognitively i am in good shape. i don’t feel slow other than a little due to trauma/drugs and speech therapy is making sure i am on track. i remember nothing from the accident until late that night. i assumed i was knocked out but the EMTs and ER nurses told Paul that i was up on my feet after the crash taking swings at bystanders who were trying to help me! crazy what the body does to protect itself! i have never hit anyone in my life!

Tomorrow my dog gets to come and visit which i can’t wait for. I’m certain she has been sitting at home missing me hope you are all well. I’ll keep you updated.



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