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Free Run Screens: to keep you running pain free

The human body is beautifully adapted to run and walk, but not one specific running form or running shoe works for every runner. Through November 1st, ALTA is offering FREE 15-minute run screens to help you develop the best, most efficient running form for your body. 

At ALTA, each run screen is performed by a physical therapist specifically trained in movement analysis. As PTs, we see subtle problems that a layperson might miss. And even a subtle problem, repeated over thousands of steps, can create an injury. In just 15 minutes, we will give you ideas to start to correct your running form so you run faster and more efficiently while making you less susceptible to injury.

But 15 minutes goes fast.  Free Run Screens: to keep you running pain free

  • Plan ahead: be warmed up and changed before your designated time slot
  • Fill out the medical and running history from our website.  Email the completed forms to us.
  • We will review the forms before you come in so we don’t waste valuable time.
  • If you have a complicated medical history it would be better to schedule a full run analysis rather than a 15-minute screen. We may suggest just that after we watch you run.

We are thrilled to add 15-minute run screens as well as full run analyses to the list of services at ALTA… Take advantage of this fantastic offer and schedule an appointment today!

Call 303.444.8707 ext. 100 for available times.


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