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Hips & Skiing

by Russ Overy, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT

My children have reached an age where we can ski as a family for a few runs. The runs tend to be cruisers – easy-going groomed green and blue trails. So I found this was a great opportunity to work on technique. I unweighted one leg and skied on the other to check for symmetry.  My left leg felt strong and stable and I was able to change directions and hold an edge. Immediately after switching my weight to the right,  I almost collapsed.

What? As hard as I tried, I couldn’t stabilize my right leg. Turns out I am very weak in my right glutes  – so weak that I couldn’t control that knee on a single ski. My risk of injury is high. If I lose it in the bumps,  how am I going to recover? Hips & Skiing

I have been reading articles on hip strength and knee control for sometime and I’m quick to point out these weaknesses in clients and give  them exercises to get stronger.  Deep down I have known about my own right hip weakness, yet I continue to ignore it.  It’s more fun to play than work on getting stronger.  BUT, I am finally ready to admit that I am a timebomb.  If I have time to ski, bike, run, and play volleyball,  I’ll  find  the time to perform the exercises that will keep me active and injury free.

If you start to waiver on your exercises, give me a call.  Don’t let your motivation get in the way of having an active injury-free spring.


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