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I want a pillow that won’t hurt my neck

I want a pillow that won’t hurt my neck

Finding a good pillow isn’t easy. Many pillows look lovely on the bed, but feel lousy once you crawl under the covers and try to rest your head. Ideally, your pillow should support your neck and head in a neutral position. Here are a few tips for blissful slumber:

  • Back sleepers: Use a thin pillow that does not throw your head forward. Find a pillow with extra loft in the bottom third of the pillow to cradle your neck.
  • Side sleepers: Use a larger pillow that supports the space between your ear and your shoulder.
  • Stomach sleepers: Just get over it. You’ll crank on your neck no matter what pillow you use.

Pillows are made of many different materials: Lots of people like memory foam, but it may be too hot for some people. Latex stays firm, so may not contour to your neck well. Down can be great, if you are not allergic to it.

A product called “PT Pillow” makes a fabulous down pillow with variable loft. One side is bigger than the other, so it could work for either a side or a back sleeper.

Your PT can also help you problem solve the pillow dilemma. Send us your questions. A solution is waiting for you.




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