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IMT – a key piece of the puzzle

IMT – a key piece of the puzzle

I love how my practice has evolved over the last 33 years as a physical therapist. So many new and wonderful evaluation and treatment techniques are emerging constantly that there is never a reason to be bored. I’m thrilled when I can relax an artery in the pelvis and back pain goes away. Or that getting the bladder moving can make Yoga hip openers a piece of cake for my patient.

I am fortunate to have been mentored by strong visionaries who encouraged me to stray outside the box a bit as I searched for new knowledge. What a fun journey I am on! Since being a part of the ALTA team, my horizons have soared. I’ve been exposed to a variety of more subtle energy- based practices such as Integrative Manual mary 21Therapy, Body Talk and visceral mobilization. And, they resonate with me.

But how will they help you?

The treatments are gentle, but produce amazing results. I have learned that less can really be more. That intent can really create change.

So what is IMT? Integrative Manual Therapy was developed by a physical therapist /neuroscientist named Sharon Weiselfish. It comprises a multitude of different evaluation and treatment techniques that gently correct organ, soft tissue or joint dysfunction. With IMT, we can find restrictions in blood vessels, ligaments, nerves, organs and cartilage that affect normal movement. Using very specific directional forces, we target tissues in dysfunction and set up an environment for the tissues to self correct so they move in a healthy way. These releases often correct dysfunction on their own and surely help to prepare a joint or muscle for other types of treatment, like direct joint mobilization or exercise.

Injuries often have underlying tissue damage that affects your ability to move with ease, decrease pain or increase strength. My wonderful colleagues at ALTA are keen to share patients if it helps accelerate healing. If your therapist says you could benefit from a few sessions of IMT, I would have to agree. It is a fabulous system and a wonderful adjunct to mobilization, TDN, and exercise.



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