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Pain Free Running – For Real Let’s Get Functional

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Pain Free Running – For Real Let’s Get Functional



Pain Free Running – For Real! 

April 2014 




Erin just completed an intensive 6 month / 500+ hours of training for 

certification as a Pilates instructor. Besides 

developing abs of steel, this adds to Erin’s already extensive knowledge of human movement. In addition to seeing regular PT clients, Erin offers Pilates classes and private Pilates sessions. 

Running sometimes feels like torture. Yes, for many of us, it conjures up pain, pure and simple. Maybe knee pain for some, plantar fasciitis for others; no matter where the pain 

shows up, for 70-80 percent of you, it does eventually show up. If it doesn’t hurt now, odds are that at some point down the road it will. 

So why even bother? What makes you even think about running? 

Well, life is busy, and running is efficient. You can go out and just “git r done”. It doesn’t require fancy equipment, or a gym. And, let’s face it, if you don’t run the Bolder Boulder, what kind of Boulderite are you anyway? There’s a big running scene in this activity-obsessed town. 

Running has huge merit for your physiology too: you can increase your aerobic capacity so that almost any other activity is easy. AND, nothing helps build bone better than the jarring and abrupt stress of running. You need 4 G’s of force to build bone, and anything short of running or jumping just won’t cut it. 

So if running sounds good for your busy schedule, for your wallet, and for your bones, you need a plan to ease into running in a way that makes you successful. And once you feel the success (with a bit of an endorphin rush) you might never look back. 

We can’t wait for you to try our revolutionary anti-gravity treadmill. We’ve only had it a month, and we’ve seen more

“Everyday, I help people move better, and feel better. Whatever your 

goals, I am excited to help you return to a full life and all the opportunity that awaits you.” 


How many times have you jumped straight out of bed in the middle of the night, clutching a cramping calf? Muscle cramps have been one of the mysteries of physiology. They can stop a runner in their tracks, sideline a speed skater, and keep the rest of us waking up to stretch throughout the night. 

For years, no one was quite sure how to fix muscle cramps. People thought dehydration caused cramps and 

recommended taking potassium or sodium – but it didn’t help. Enter pickle juice. How pickle juice stops muscle cramps is still unknown, but chug 2.5 oz. of the stuff and feel the cramps dissolve in a minute. 

tears of joy, as injured runners have felt sweet success on our machine. It’s a gem! It gives you all the benefit and none of the pain. Everyone at the talk will receive a coupon for a FREE 10 minute trial on the Alter G. Bring your friends! 

Our New Transition Tool for 

Pain Free Running! 

Erin Brooks, PT, DPT, and Scott Swann, MPT, OCS are sharing the keys to your running success on Tuesday, May 6th at 6:30 pm here at ALTA. Please email to RSVP. 

Don’t miss it. It might be just the ticket IF: 

You are prone to running injuries 

You don’t know how to fix your running form 

You need help with a plan to get started 

You don’t have a clue what shoes to buy 

You feel intimidated by people in Boulder who have their own personal running gurus 

MEET OUR RUNNING GURUS, Erin and Scott, and get started on a safe running program – ONE STEP AT A TIME. 

Let’s Get Functional 

We got great feedback from many of you about your pesky psoas muscles. Now that you’ve figured out how to fire them lying down, it’s time to get functional! Engaging the psoas muscle when sitting or standing, and especially when moving from one position to another, will help you feel solid and comfortable in any position. 

Enjoy the next step in understanding and activating this most misunderstood muscle. Be sure to share your new found knowledge with friends who struggle with pain in the

If you are prone to cramps while running, take along a small flask of pickle 

juice. If you have other problems while running, don’t miss our running talk on May 6th. 

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lower back, hip or SI joint. And since this may not solve all their problems, send our phone number too – just in case. 

Get functional with tips from this video 


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