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PILATES as Insurance

Every morning at 5:30 all through the winter, when my kids were small, I jumped on my stationary bike and pedaled like mad. I rode that Tunturi so much, the odometer actually turned over. But I finally had to give it up – my sciatica was unrelenting. I ran on the weekends, until my IT band got so tight, I was hobbled. Ouch. Oh, and then a stress fracture in my ankle made it tough to do anything but swim, and how could I fit that in with the kids still asleep?

16 years later…

I rode my bike 300 miles last week and climbed over 16,000 feet. We climbed Independence Pass, Cottonwood Pass, Ute Pass and more passes whose names I can’t remember. Yowza.  I felt tired and exhilarated, but strong.  No sciatica, no IT band pain, no stress fractures – nothing. Nothing hurt – NADA. ZIP. ZILCH. At 57, I can still run up Sanitas, bike to Ward and sit in a low chair.  Even more importantly, I can get out of that chair without a twinge. And my secret? PILATES.    

It was 1999 when I took my first Pilates class, and I haven’t looked back. Sure, I had done lots of weights, aerobics classes, hot Yoga — I tried it all.  But until I landed in Pilates, I never really knew what I was missing. My injury rate has dropped to “too little to mention” and when I have an occasional problem, my colleagues are quick to treat it. I get better faster than ever before, even as I PILATES as Insuranceget older.  

I honestly can’t think of a better insurance plan against any injury – and it’s fun. I end up tired and relaxed at the same time. The breathing focus can eliminate a headache in no time. One hour a week is what I do now to keep my body happy – and I’d like to do more. But then, where would I find the time to bike and run and ski, and do all the things I couldn’t do 16 years ago?

If you have never tried Pilates, do it. Beware though, you might get hooked. In October, we are offering The Discovery Series. For clients new to Pilates, we have an amazing deal. Take a 5 class series for just $99. It’s the cheapest insurance you’ll ever buy. 


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