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No Regrets

No Regrets

We’ve had the anti-gravity treadmill for less than a month, but have seen so many small miracles right before our eyes.  A woman with Achilles tendinosis just ran a 6-minute mile for an hour at 85% body weight without a lick of pain. After weeks of pain while running, that felt like a miracle.  George, a gentleman with Parkinson’s disease, was more relaxed walking than he had been in months, and it carried over after he got off the machine.  That felt like a miracle.  Doing step-downs off an eight-inch step while in the Alter G didn’t hurt Eve’s knee one bit.  Retraining with no pain – another small miracle.

Yes, they seem like small changes to us, but when you have missed your workout for months, felt tense with every step, or dreaded walking down the stairs in your own house, these moments indeed feel amazing.  And, it’s not just about these moments in the machine.  It’s seeing and feeling a light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s the prospect of retraining your muscles and your nervous system to recover more quickly that allows you to imagine the possibilities.

We want to get the word out.  We want more people to get back to doing what they love faster and with greater success.  For a limited period, we are offering time in the Alter G at an incredible price.  You can check it out free one time for 10 minutes.

After that:

Introductory Offer:

1- 15-minute session:  $13

1- 20-minute session:  $16

1- 30-minute session:  $22

1- 60-minute session:  $40

Any time less than 15 minutes is $1/minute.

A 5 punch for 30 minutes each time:  $100

A 5 punch for 60 minutes each time:   $190

It’s a steal of a deal.  It’s your chance to defy gravity. It’s an opportunity retrain your body to enjoy pain free movement. It can feel like a miracle. Come feel it for yourself.






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