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Support Stockings: Not Just for Grandma

Support Stockings: Not Just for Grandma

What image does the term, “support stockings,” conjure in your mind? Grandma’s ankles spilling over her clunky, black, lace-up shoes? A highwaisted German tourist in sandals? Sausage toes peeking through an oatmeal colored hole accessorizing the ever-so-fashionable hospital gown ensemble? Think again. socks-compression

Compression stockings are not just for medical use anymore. With an assortment of styles and colors to choose from, men and women of all ages and physical abilities are recognizing the therapeutic (and now even stylish!) benefits of using graduated compression stockings. Leg pain can be debilitating and exacerbated by frequent traveling, prolonged sitting or standing at work, strenuous physical activity, pregnancy, as well as certain medical conditions. Support stockings may provide relief by increasing circulation and decreasing fatigue. They can reduce swelling and tiredness of the feet and calves in addition to preventing the development of blood clots or deep vein thrombosis (DVT’s) and varicose veins. Graduated compression stockings, or socks, work by compressing the limb, exerting a specific pressure against the leg to reduce the diameter of distended veins resulting in an increase of venous blood flow and valve effectiveness. Compression socks can also prevent injury and offer enhanced performance to athletes by reducing the effect of gravity and circulating blood back to the heart and lungs more efficiently. Recovery styles can aid in the reduction of post workout soreness.


My father complained of shin splints with walking for years. He was reluctant to try the compression socks for fear of “looking like a creepy old man”. I sent him a pair of cool blue argyle knee high support socks and told him to wear them under his jogging pants and just … give them a try. He couldn’t believe the difference. “No more shin splints and they’re not even ugly! I started wearing them for golf as well,” he said. Some manufacturers are even promoting the sex appeal of their product, with the option of lace top thigh-high support stockings in a multitude of patterns. If you suffer from leg pain, chances are there is a style of compression socks that may help you find relief without sacrificing your fashion flair. Cost per pair depends on the amount of support you need, but typically ranges from $35-$55 per pair. To learn more visit and



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