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The Best Way to Find Balance: T’ai Chi

The BAD news: Falls are the leading cause of ER visits, hospital admissions, and unintentional deaths for older adults. Fall risk has been identified as an urgent public health risk among active seniors.

The GOOD News: T’ai Chi is a fantastic way to improve balance and core stability, reduce the fear of falling and generally decrease anxiety. T’ai Chi classes develop a more confident, steadier, sturdier you.

I had the great pleasure to sample Deb’s Tai Chi class at ALTA. I was amazed by how the flowing and gentle movemePENTAX Imagents relaxed my body and allowed me to feel centered and engaged. No grocery lists, no to do lists running through my brain. I was completely in tune with the movements and with my body. Debbie’s cadence and tone of voice lent to the restorative nature of the exercises. Each new move was challenging but not in that heart pounding/anxiety provoking way. It just challenged me enough to keep me in the moment.

This class is unlike Tai Chi classes elsewhere. The individual postures and sequences you learn will be chosen and tailored to the specific needs of the group. The focus will be on comfort with each posture before adding new movements. Proper breathing and weight-shifting are a part of each class, as well as emphasis on balance. Try this class, you’ll be hooked!

Taught by Debbie Steinman, LPTA, GCFP

Classes Thursday 12-1 p.m. starting April 4th

Class size will be limited to five. 



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