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The September New Year’s Resolution

Originally posted on September 14, 2010

If you’ve ever gotten off on the wrong foot with exercise, you know how discouraging it is to be geared up, only to end up back on the couch after a few weeks. You might have been sidelined by an injury, or started off so hard, you could barely move the next day.  Having an expert coach you through the initiation phase can make all the difference in adopting a successful life style change.

This five-session package includes all elements of a well-rounded exercise program, depending on each individual’s needs. Think of it as a buffet: You see all the offerings, and with your therapist, choose what makes sense for you.

Is an old knee injury keeping you off the hiking trails, or are you unsure how to start exercising without the usual three steps forward /four steps back?  Boulder can be an intimidating place if you’ve never run a mile, much less the Bolder Boulder.

Using a special tool, the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, we uncover key problems in functional movement.  As functional movement normalizes through exercise, the whole body moves in a more integrated way, and areas once stiff are free to join the party.When your whole system contributes to each movement, the burden on each segment is lessened. You will feel better before you even figure out how it happened.  Once you start to exercise regularly and without pain, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without exercise.

Don’t be burdened by resolutions you made January 1. Make a September resolution now!

Imagine this scenario:
Suzy has never really exercised. Sure, she tried one January as a New Year’s resolution and another  time in the spring, to get ready for shorts and tank tops, but nothing lasted. Exercise wasn’t part of her lifestyle.

At 55, Suzy realized it was time to make a change.  The stiffness and soreness she felt in the morning would only get worse. And, being out of shape was bad for her self-confidence or sense of well-being.  The problem was a nagging shoulder injury and a little arthritis in both knees.  Exercise wasn’t comfortable, and she needed help to make it that way.

Suzy made the decision to buy a five-session exercise package from Alta.   During the first session, she underwent the FMA screen.  Both Suzy and her therapist could see that  poor posture and muscle imbalances in her shoulders contributed to her pain, but it  surprised her that weak hips caused her  knee pain.  Suzy’s first set of exercises focused on the imbalances, and for the first time, Suzy exercised three times in a week without pain.

Suzy was hooked.  Her following four sessions advanced the exercises, adding in cardiovascular exercise that Suzy had never been able to complete due to knee pain.  Walking was pain-free!  By the last session, Suzy had a complete exercise program, that included endurance, strength and flexibility. She knew how to safely progress her exercise to keep it from becoming boring and who to call if she had questions.

Suzy confident enough to join a gym for the first time, and she has a positive outlook on her future health. She is glad she decided to make a SEPTEMBER RESOLUTION!

This 5-session package is available at a discounted rate and applies only to the exercise program described above.  Check out our latest newsletter to obtain the $45 off coupon, then make an appointment and let’s get started!  A fitter lifestyle is in your future!


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