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You don’t Exercise? We have a solution for YOU!

by Jennie Kopf

On August 3, 2010 I had both of my knees replaced. I had lived with bone on bone arthritis for 20 years. My exercise program was non-existent; I was in too much pain. I was very sedentary…and gained a great deal of weight. I knew I needed to exercise but did not because of the constant, intense pain.

But that’s ancient history!

You don’t Exercise? We have a solution for YOU!
Raoul Rossiter, BA

I have had an incredible recovery and am able to do things that I had only wished I could do before the surgery. Russ Overy was my therapist and he not only helped me with my recovery from the surgery, he also helped me with my insecurities about exercise. I had not worked out in 25 years. What could I possibly do?

In January I joined a club and now I work out 4-5 days every week. By far the greatest program I participate in is Pilates. I was weak; I had no strength. I rode the bike and lifted weights but something was missing. I needed core strength. I did not want to bulk up; I wanted to lose weight and I really wanted to feel stronger. Pilates has been a very valuable way to strengthen. And it’s fun. (I’m not in an open gym with the extremely buff athletes pumping iron.) I’ve lost belly fat and inches from my hips and my behind (good-bye old friends!!!) My lower back pain is gone.

My husband decided to check out Pilates too after seeing my results. He has been a lifelong athlete…even competing in several triathlons. His weekly Saturday workout is to do a sprint triathlon. You would think he was strong.  He is, but his abs was definitely sore after his first Pilates class. It was obvious his core was not as strong as the rest of his body. So now he has incorporated Pilates into his workout routine too. Can you say SIX PACK?

We are very fortunate at ALTA to have Jonathan and Raoul who are two of the best Pilates instructors ever. They have a combined experience of teaching Pilates for 30+ years. Though their styles are different, their skills are unmatched in Boulder.

Strength training helps build stronger bones, something especially important to women worried about osteoporosis. Core strengthening protects your joints against injury, and helps control weight by increasing muscle tissue, which burns more calories than fat. (Most people don’t make that connection.)

You don’t Exercise? We have a solution for YOU!
Jonathan Oldham, MSPT

Since starting Pilates, a multitude of aches, pains and strains that would otherwise keep me from enjoying life are melting away. I feel younger. Adding Pilates to my regular workout at least 2 times a week has been transformative. I make it a priority. I am more physically and emotionally fit. I’m eating better and I just plain feel better. And, as I feel better and look better, my confidence has soared. I waited twenty years to feel this good, but you can start today.


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