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I came to Alta after seeing several doctors and physical therapists for unbearable hip pain due to a labral tear. I had been on crutches for weeks before seeing Russ, and after only a few sessions with him, my hip pain had decreased significantly to the point that I was able to start walking again. I saw Russ both before and after 2 hip surgeries for a total of maybe a year and a half, and he’s a miracle-worker! He gave me my life back and he’s an absolutely fantastic physical therapist. He gave me so many great exercises, used dry-needling, and let me use the Alter-G treadmill (which is awesome by the way). The rest of the ALTA staff are wonderful as well, and I can’t recommend ALTA enough, especially if you are dealing with a labral tear, as I don’t think there are many PTs in the area that have as much experience as Russ does!
This is the best PT in the world and I know it because I’ve had PT all over the world.  They worked miracles on my body when I was recovering from back surgery and dealing with a resulting damaged knee.  Erin helped me recover from both of my knee replacements.  What I most appreciate about this type of PT is that I’m individually evaluated and then a specific treatment is developed for my specific problems.  All other PT that I’ve had always followed a specific protocol for one ailment whether or not I had another corollary ailment at the same time.  The other thing I most appreciate is that this team is always on the cutting edge of the latest research in PT.
I recommend ALTA  wholeheartedly. Jonathan has helped me remain mobile in the face of damaging effects from 23 years of severe rheumatoid arthritis.  He helped me recover from hip surgery 4 1/2 years ago and is currently working with my recovery from knee replacement surgery. He has a way of explaining things that lets me remember them in my body and often seems to know intuitively just what I need.  His training in Pilates as well as physical therapy and other modalities provides him with a wide  variety of healing options. His goodhearted humor makes the hard parts easier and the easy parts fun.  I look forward to our sessions and come out feeling better than when I went in.  The ALTA  staff as a whole is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with this clinic. I recommend them to everyone.
Excellent care. Restored my faith in Physical Therapy benefits.
Very professional and knowledgeable.  It is clear that they are passionate about getting folks to a better place.
You have NO idea how much you have all helped me.
Great Pilates at Alta!  I’ve been taking classes at Alta for over 3 years and my back and neck thank me for it. Instructor Erin Brooks is motivating, highly skilled and brings her natural humor to early morning classes every week.
For the past 30 years, I was treated by four different physical therapists for a variety of athletic injuries ( Tennis, skiing, running ) that allowed me to continue these activities until I was over the age of  84. After that, Jonathan Oldham has kept me healthy with both individual and group pilates classes. You can’t go wrong with any of the therapists at Alta.
I felt in everyone there was professional and helpful and nice. They did a good job in making sure i wasn’t in any pain while doing the exercises and assessed if the exercises were too hard or not each week. (I went once a week for lower back issues).  I feel they did a good job. Thank you ALTA team.
Alta Physical Therapy is the only place I’d trust for post-surgery or for healing treatments or therapies following an injury. You won’t find better Physical Therapists anywhere else in Boulder County. Lori is extremely intuitive and gifted. She always goes the extra mile for me. If I recommend her too highly, I’ll never be able to get in to see her! Jane is great with body mechanics and body talk. It’s no wonder Alta has been around for 20+ yrs.
I have been a patient at Alta since 1990 when they first opened. Jane Milliff and the other therapists there have helped me through a difficult pregnancy, foot and knee surgeries, fibromyalgia and various other issues over the years. The care is always first rate and the therapists are top notch. Now, as I am entering my 60s, they are helping me stay in shape with regular Pilates classes, taught with great expertise by Erin Brooks, one of their therapists. I have been to other PT practices when the situation called for it but I always come back to Alta.
ALTA has beautifully worked with me through recovery from an injury, and more recently through a full knee replacement.  ALTA therapists have been knowledgeable and competent in providing pain relief,  restoring flexibility and in retraining my body to move and function more effectively through and after recovery.   The benefits from my therapy here continue and I am devoted to this team. The entire staff is friendly and helpful.
Alta has been very effective. The therapists I’ve worked with are very knowledgeable and capable. They are facilitating my recovery from knee replacement surgery and they are doing a great job!
I have had nothing but the best of care at Alta. ALTA helped me through some tough times with back and hip issues as well as post-op rehab. I always enjoyed my appointments because of the personal and respectful interactions with staff – from the front desk to the interns.
Fantastic staff – lots of great PT, advice and TLC! PT got me back on my feet after rotator cuff surgery, using traditional and non traditional (dry needling) approaches. Alena offered great support and coaching. Very comfortable facility. Highly recommended!
I was referred to physical therapy by my neurologist for migraines. I have been seeing Russ for several years and his treatments have changed my life. I used to get multiple migraines a week and, since I started treatment I’ve been down to a couple a month or less. The entire Alta staff are friendly, professional and take great care of their patients. If you need physical therapy, this is the place to go in Boulder.
I have worked with several terrific therapists at ALTA in an effort to address a variety of issues that have come about as part of my aging process. I  have experienced great improvement in each of the areas we have worked on and find that I now have less pain doing many day to day activities.  I previously had limited mobility and ability to engage in appropriate and healthful physical activities which now are greatly expanded. Highly and enthusiastically recommended.
Alta Physical Therapy has gathered together, what I believe to be,  the top professionals in the field!  Their amazing expertise has kept me mobile through a knee replacement and now two shoulder replacements. Also,  I have seen other therapists over the last several years, and each one brings their special area of expertise to my situation.  I can’t praise Alta enough.
I’ve been able to function ONLY because of ALTA’s talents. My continual changing body issues over the last 10 years have caused me pain, suffering & at times even stopped me from making Art. Coming for therapy and taking the sage personal advice on how too continue the ‘healing process’ has added in my recovery, returning to my studio to make Art and given me more energy to get thru my daily routines. Additionally, I love being able to switch over to work with Jonathan on the training portion of the therapy.
Since summer, 2015, I have had more than one issue that I have taken to Alta, and in all instances, I came out better than ever!  My Physical Therapist is Erin Brooks, and she and her assistants were all able to work with me to solve the sometimes very severe issues I had.  What I loved most is that one of them was always with me, never leaving me by myself to “to X amount of sets of this exercise then, then do X amount of sets”.  If they weren’t working on me directly, they stayed with me to make sure what they had me doing was done correctly.  Definitely the best Physical Therapy experience I have ever had!
I have gone to Alta for a long time, for various problems that have happened. Jane is fabulous, and everyone that I have seen there has been great. Over time, I have had car accidents that left me with some injuries, and some knee problems that lead to hip problems as well. Using all sorts of available techniques, the professionals at Alta have worked with me with courtesy and professional knowledge until I was better. What a great bunch of folks to find. The office is well run, and courteous treatment is the standard.
The PTs here are excellent and often complement each other as they work to help with whatever physical problem you’re facing.  Alta also offers outstanding Pilates classes, and even one on Balance.  I’ll go to Alta whenever my body needs help!
Everyone at ALTA is kind and competent. I am very lucky to have found ALTA Physical Therapy. Thank you for everything!!
The staff are great here and have complementary skills. A great place if you are getting over an injury, need help tuning for that next level of athletics, or are somewhere in between.
I very much appreciate the knowledge and support from Jane and Russ at ALTA. My right arm is much more mobile so I can exercise without pain. Thank you Russ. I went through a major illness last year and Jane was able to use different therapy techniques to support my ongoing healing process. I am feeling much better, my sleep has improved, I am able to move my body with less difficulty. Thank you Jane.
ALTA made it possible for me to walk without a limp after a bad car accident and mulitple surgeries on my leg and ankle. Also, my “miracle worker” therapist successfully rehabilitated my shoulder after rotator cuff surgery. Even though the doctor didn’t believe that I would be able to lift my arm higher than shoulder level, thanks to ALTA, I can use my arm with few limitations. I recommend ALTA as the best in the area.
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at the office for helping me out with my knee. Thank you ALTA for your concern and technical knowledge. Thank you ALTA for working me in around my schedule. All of you in the office are very professional and you all contributed to what I thought was going to be a horrible experience into one that wasn’t bad at all. Thanks again.
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support and your healing touch throughout this difficulty journey of mine.
If it wasn’t for ALTA, I’m not sure where I would be. ALTA has helped me more than you know!
Improvement after treatments has been terrific. I didn’t know such help was possible until I worked with ALTA.
Jane gave me and saw her a couple more times. I really can’t thank her enough and I would highly recommend her work. Thank you Jane!
After 5 + years of nightly back pain, I can now pass the night without feeling like a rotisserie chicken, trying to find a comfortable position. And, I know how to modify positions that bother my foot, which was why I stopped Yoga before. ALTA teachers help find solutions for your particular issues and keep you moving in a positive direction. Thanks!
Alta is a great facility from front office to back office and everything in between.  I’ve had a great experience. Everyone is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly.  Thank you Alta!
I want to take this opportunity to say “Well Done” to Alta Physical Therapy and the therapists I have worked with –They are very professional and pleasant in their treatment approach. And, most importantly, the treatments I have received have been beneficial. My physical issues have involved severe shoulder, neck and head pain due to degenerative spinal problems plus lower body (core) neuralgia pain resulting from several surgical procedures. These “pain” issues are now notably less troublesome to me and I continue to look forward to further improvement as my treatment progresses. I have also found the combination of physical therapy and Pilates to be especially helpful. This is something I would have never considered prior to using ALTA for my treatment. Alta is a special place. The facilities are modern, clean and well maintained. In addition to the therapists, all the ALTA personnel are great to work with including at the front desk. I highly recommend Alta to anyone looking for physical therapy or Pilates to improved their well-being.
I have tried other physical therapy offices in the past that were in-network with my insurance, but quickly came to the conclusion that I would rather pay out of pocket and get exceptional therapy than go through the take a number insurance mill. It would usually take about a week or so to get in, meanwhile I’m in pain. Once I see the therapist, I usually have to come back for 3-4 more visits. At Alta I call and tell them what’s happening and that I am in pain. I quickly get seen, I’m out within an hour and I’m hitting the trails the next day. No 3-4 extra visits. Just knowing they are there for me takes the fear out of playing hard and getting older. Thanks again Alta!
My mom brought me to Jane after I had a very scary experience with numbness down the side of my left leg and in my foot. I couldn’t move my foot very much at all. The doctor had told me it was probably a trapped nerve in the knee and to take painkillers and do some physical therapy. Jane treated me with physical therapy and with ‘body talk’ for a trapped nerve in my spine and other things. I immediately felt confident in Jane’s work. She took great care with me and made me feel relaxed and in very good hands. I felt that she really knew what she was doing. After the first treatment I felt a shift, and that healing was beginning to happen. I did the simple exercises I live for outdoor adventure, but sometimes I find myself upside down at the base of a tree with the wheels on the bike still spinning. I feel blessed that I know exactly who to call to help me get my body back to peak performance in no time. Jane Milliff is one of the most intuitive and knowledgeable PT’s I have ever work with and I am so gratefull to know I have someone like Jane on my side! Jane you Rock!
Thank you so much for your attention to my aches and pains! I am so impressed by how quickly you pin-pointed where work is needed, and by how your work made a difference! I think this could be a turning point for my overall health and well-being. I can feel a difference and am looking forward to future appointments. I am grateful for your services and expertise. –  Julia Solving a pain problem is essential in having a good life. This was accomplished by following instructions given by a good therapist. My problem was solved at ALTA when I followed the instructions given by my competent therapist.
Jane: You’re an amazing healer! I feel great, so much better than when I walked into your office. The taping has really made a huge difference and allowed me to avoid the sling. Thank you so much for your time and talent.