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Ross Bodine, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT

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What will your visit with Ross look like?

Most of the patients Ross sees, let’s say climbers with elbow pain, go through a cycle of pain:

  1. That starts without a traumatic event, and usually notice pain after a day of climbing.
  2. They take time off from climbing (a week or so)
  3. Their return to climbing still hurts, so they take more time off of climbing
  4. Start doing more supplemental “PT” exercises (usually wrist curls, either self-prescribed or formal),
  5. Then again, they return to the activity and notice the pain is still there.

During your physical exam with Ross, the most valuable piece of information will consist of you performing a painful activity, like hanging, doing a pull up or even climbing on our Grasshopper Board. Ross will then have you change your positioning or movement pattern during that activity, and more often than not you’ll experience less or no pain. Hanging, in a new non-painful position, working new muscles, now becomes part of your home exercise program – rather than an endless list of exercises that probably won’t translate to a complex movement.

Ross has found this methodology to get climbers, and other athletes, to participate in climbing immediately in most cases, and to make a full recovery much sooner. While treating climbers is Ross’ specialty, his methodology applies to all other conditions. Being able to do a multitude of complex movement patterns in new ways is the ticket to recovery, and starting this process sooner in rehab will unload the injured tissue, while progressing your overall abilities.

“Ross was integral in me overcoming a separated shoulder during 2020. He clearly has a deep understanding of the athletic body, and in particular the shoulders, unlike anyone that I have ever done physical therapy with. I have sent many climber friends to Ross because I completely trust his ability to pinpoint injury and imbalance as well as heal! He also did an awesome job of checking in with me throughout the process and answering any questions I might have with email and even video or photographic instruction.”

-Jonathan Siegrist

As an avid climber for the last 15+ years, Ross Bodine has fallen in love with Boulder, Colorado. Most recently hailing from the Tahoe region, where Ross had easy access to Bishop, Ross has dedicated his professional life to unlocking the mechanics to climb without injury. After earning his Doctorate in PT, Ross went on to complete a Fellowship in Orthopedic and Manual Physical Therapy, which specialized in examining and treating the movement system. The learning has not stopped there – Ross keeps up with the latest research and practice trends, and he has even developed his own takes on the movement system of climbers, as he has found, the body behaves differently when pulling your body upwards. He will also frequently take students, and fellows-in-training, to teach the next generation of therapists

  • Bachelors: Physics, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, 2008
  • Doctorate: Physical Therapy, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, 2012
  • Fellowship: American Academy of Orthopedic and Manual Physical Therapy, Manual Therapy Institute, 2015
  • Functional Dry Needling Certified: Level 1 and 2 through Evidence in Motion
  • Member: American Physical Therapy Association
  • Volunteer Physical Therapist for USA Climbing Competitions since 2022
photo of Ross climbing with mountain in the background
Successful outcomes occur when the brain is working a lot harder than the body. Using your mind and your body to learn more efficient movement patterns leads to long lasting improvements.

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