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Injury Rehabilitation | ALTA Physical Therapy & Pilates

Injury Rehabilitation treatment - patient in lunge position

ALTA Physical Therapy & Pilates is one of the leading rehabilitation clinics in Boulder, CO. We’re dedicated to helping you recover from an injury or surgery and return to a healthy, active life. If you’re ready to begin your rehab journey with the professional and knowledgeable therapists at ALTA, get in touch with our clinic today! 

How Can ALTA Physical Therapy & Pilates Help?

The licensed physical therapists at ALTA bring a unique perspective to caring for injuries because ALTA offers a truly holistic approach to rehabilitation. We understand that treatment for physical injuries or limitations needs to integrate your mind, body, and spirit to allow a return to full health. We realize that you are the most important participant in the healing and prevention process. To get on the right track, we’ll start with a thorough evaluation.


Physical therapists at ALTA place a great emphasis on the initial evaluation. Your therapist will take the time to talk with you, review your completed medical history and functional status forms, and identify the dysfunctions that cause your pain. Then, we’ll work with you to create a custom treatment plan.


Your ALTA physical therapist will guide you through a treatment regimen suited to your individual needs and begin to restore movement and ease discomfort. Your personalized treatment program may include hands-on mobilization of joints and soft tissues. We’ll also consider using:

  • Electrical stimulation.
  • Exercises for relaxation, conditioning, and restoring movement.
  • Balance training.

Because of ALTA’s unique holistic approach to injury rehabilitation, your physical therapist may also recommend one of our alternative programs to integrate mind, body, and spirit during your healing process. These programs include Pilates, BodyTalk System™, Integrated Manual Therapy™, and Athletic Performance Enhancement.


You don’t need to become an expert to avoid or overcome injury, but you may need to learn some new habits. That’s why your ALTA physical therapist will educate you about your injury and teach the “do’s and don’ts” of returning to normal activities. At ALTA, we view injury rehabilitation as a team effort between you and your physical therapist. Your therapist will help you continue therapy independently with a home program designed to fit your needs.


The goal of ALTA Physical Therapy & Pilates is to bring you back to normal life as soon as possible and equip you with the skills you need to prevent re-injury. You may not need to visit your physical therapist again unless you have a new complaint. However, we also realize that, just like keeping your car in good working order requires routine maintenance, keeping your bodymind complex functioning optimally requires continued effort. So we offer you aftercare options to continue fitness training in our fully equipped Pilates studio and programs for exploring your personal and physical growth through the Feldenkrais Method® and BodyTalk System™.

Start Your Personalized Treatment Plan With ALTA

Our clinic offers cutting-edge technology and world-class physical therapists. At ALTA, we’re all committed to one goal: getting you back to an active, healthy lifestyle.

If you’re ready to step into your next Colorado adventure with a confident stride, call ALTA at (303) 444-8707 or schedule an appointment today.