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Rock Climbers Analysis

Rock Climbers Analysis

Injury Rehab and Prevention

Ross Bodine, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, is our resident expert in rock climbing and climbing injuries. He brings to the forefront a deep understanding of the unique movement requirements during climbing. He draws from a wide base of knowledge he gained during his physical therapy fellowship focusing on orthopedics, manual techniques, and the movement system, as well as his own experiences as a climber for 12+ years.

Ross’ unique perspective on treating upper extremities will almost always consider the shoulder, because poor recruitment of scapular stabilizers and the rotator cuff increases stress on structures down the arm resulting in elbow, wrist, hand and finger injuries.

Because Ross knows just how off-the-wall climbers feel when they are kept off their walls, he’ll use climbing as part of your rehabilitation. With renewed focus, you can learn how to take excessive stress off an injured body part and still climb while you heal.

Even if you have no pain, coming in for an evaluation to look for asymmetries in your movement or muscle imbalances, can help you train and climb much more efficiently without getting hurt. Come to your appointment prepared with videos of you climbing or training (even if they are from before a traumatic injury). Ross will be ready to identify and correct movement impairments and help you pull off the ground in no time.

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