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Rock Climbing Injuries | ALTA Physical Therapy & Pilates

Rock Climbing Injuries | ALTA Physical Therapy & Pilates

Injury Rehab and Prevention

ALTA is proud to offer cutting-edge rehab, analysis, and guidance for rock climbers in Boulder, CO. Rock climbing injuries often affect more than just the body and impede on our mental health. It’s not just the fear of making the injury worse, but injuries can also cut into our social outlet if we are kept off the wall.  Whether you’re an avid climber who recently sustained an injury, a beginner looking to optimize your climbing motion, or a lifelong climber with a nagging injury that traditional PT just couldn’t solve, we’ll help you reach your goals and get back on the wall.

Ross Bodine, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, is our resident expert in rock climbing and climbing injuries. 

As a leading rock climbing rehab specialists in Boulder, Ross has a deep understanding of the unique movements required for climbing. He draws from the wide base of knowledge he gained during his physical therapy fellowship. Plus, with more than 15 years of climbing experience, Ross understands the importance of achieving a safe and speedy recovery!

When treating upper extremities, Ross pays special attention to the shoulder. With help from the scapular stabilizers and rotator cuff, your shoulder decreases the stress on structures further down your arm. A movement dysfunction in the shoulder can result in injuries to the elbow, wrist, hand, and fingers. Learning on how to fully use your shoulder is often a crucial starting place for treatment.

Because Ross knows just how off-the-wall climbers feel when they are kept off their walls, he’s happy to incorporate climbing into your assessment and rehabilitation program. Our clinic features an adjustable Grasshopper Board where you can learn to reduce the stress on your injury. This allows you to keep climbing as you are healing, albeit sometimes with a renewed focus, but your

Even if you have no pain, Ross can identify muscle imbalances and asymmetries in your motion.  Knowing how to move in new ways, allows you to train and climb more efficiently. You can bring videos of yourself climbing, notes on moves you want to master, and more — just don’t forget your climbing shoes!

If you’re ready to recover from your injury, climb stronger, and conquer your next climbing adventure with confidence, get in touch with us today.

Alta PT, and specifically my work with Ross Bodine, has helped take my climbing to the next level through increased mobility and ultimately, reduced pain. My sessions with Ross have been incredibly thorough. I appreciate his in depth analysis of my "pain points", but he also goes beyond to pinpoint the root of the problem, tackling imbalances that I never knew were related. His in office manipulations, as well as prescribed at home exercises have completely resolved lumbrical strains in the hand, allowing me to resume training and feel the strongest I've ever felt. I've struggled with tension headaches, aggravated by training and climbing, for 15 years, but my recent sessions with Ross have significantly improved my shoulder mobility and reduced pain in my neck. I'm grateful for the insights Ross provides, and the friendly atmosphere of Alta's clinic. It's great to know I have a team to turn to when tweaks and injuries inevitably pop up!

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