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Running Analysis

Runners are always getting hurt.

In a one year period, 79% are injured. WOW. Makes you wonder if it’s even possible to run without eventually getting hurt. The answer is YES, and participating in a run analysis at ALTA Physical Therapy can help you do just that.  

What is involved in a running analysis?

A physical therapist will:

  • Analyze your running form
  • Test your strength and flexibility
  • Look for imbalances
  • Discover what is slowing you down or making you hurt.

After a thorough evaluation, we’ll prescribe exercises, and make recommendations to help you run efficiently and pain free. You need a full run analysis if:

  • You are experiencing running difficulties or pain
  • You want to see dramatic progress
  • You are an avid runner looking for that competitive edge.

Do running mechanics really matter? I run because it keeps my heart healthy and my weight under control.

Running mechanics matter if you want to keep on running. Remember the 79% injury rate? Odds are you will be injured sooner or later. A little ache can quickly become a full-blown injury. A minor fault over thousands of steps takes its toll. Discover potential problems before you’re sidelined. Fine tune your running, work out the kinks and run pain free. 

The human body is beautifully adapted for walking and running, but sometimes it takes a skilled professional to identify limitations and impairments, so running becomes as easy and enjoyable as it is meant to be.

Who benefits from a run analysis?

  • Runners with chronic or recurrent injuries
  • People who run with pain.
  • Runners who want to improve their speed and technique
  • Those who want to start “on the right foot” with a running program
  • Runners who want to check out their footwear
  • In short, nearly everyone!  

Optimize your running experience, make it more enjoyable, efficient and successful. Make an appointment today.