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Running Analysis

Running Analysis

Injury Rehab and Prevention

Nina Carson, PT, DPT, OCS, has been analyzing runners since 2014. During her work in the biomechanics lab at Humboldt State and as an assistant coach for cross country and track, Nina developed crucial skills in clinical and research-based running analysis.

Nina knows the frustration of running injured.  After a season ending foot injury in college, Nina vowed to stay injury free for the rest of her collegiate career. Her passion to help runners stems from those painful personal experiences.

Once injured, you need to allow tissues to heal. It’s challenging to take time off when you love to run. Not to worry – “rest” can be active, focused rehab. You can finally address the problems that led to your injury and you can run on the Alter G.

And if you aren’t injured, you can become a better runner. We’ll target weaknesses, tweak imbalances, and eliminate inefficiencies, so you can run longer, or kick butt in the Bolder Boulder. Prevention is key to keeping you on the track or on the trails.

The golden rule – “It’s better to be 5 lbs. overweight or undertrained than to be fit as a fiddle and on the sidelines due to injury” said every coach ever.

When treating runners, Nina has lots of tools at her disposal from her PT education, orthopedic residency, and work alongside foot and ankle researchers. She uses her many tools, based on your personal needs and goals as a runner, to address what is keeping you sidelined.

With a running analysis, we will:

  • Analyze you running at training pace (after a warmup).
  • Record several angles of video to check running mechanics.
  • Test range of motion and strength.
  • Do a movement analysis to isolate imbalances if you’re targeting specific terrain (like road or trail).

You’ll leave with:

  • An analysis of specific form changes needed to run with ease.
  • An exercise plan to address weakness and tightness.
  • A plan to increase volume without injury.
  • Modifications to continue running while recovering if needed.
  • Ways to improve your competitive edge in races, if that’s your goal.
  • A plan for future visits if needed.

At ALTA we tailor your program to keep you injury free or to build back to your running and fitness goals. The human body is beautifully adapted for walking and running, but you need a skilled professional to identify limitations and impairments. Schedule a running analysis today. Get back to feeling good and strong, so you enjoy your journey every step of the way.

Who benefits from a run analysis?

  • Runners with chronic or recurrent injuries
  • People who run with pain
  • Runners who want to improve their speed and technique
  • Those who want to start “on the right foot” with a running program
  • Runners who want to check out their footwear
  • In short, nearly everyone!

Optimize your running experience, make it more enjoyable, efficient and successful. Make an appointment today.

Running Analysis
Running Analysis