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Tendon Rehabilitation

Tendon Rehabilitation

Our clinic has stayed on top of the latest research for tendon injury rehab. And the research is clear: A Physical Therapy program focused on progressive loading shows the best outcomes when recovering from tendinopathy. Here’s how we do it: First, we help you decrease excessive force on the tendon in regular activities, and then we progressively load the tendon in its optimal position.

Any large dynamic, explosive movements place a ton of load on tendons. From dunking a basketball, to throwing a baseball, athletes need power to compete. Tendons work like a stretched rubber band, which stores energy to make these dynamic movements possible. With tendinopathies, athletes lose their edge –the ability to produce explosive force.

Why does this happen? Usually it’s a training error – an abrupt increase in dynamic activity after a period of relative inactivity. The tendon simply wasn’t conditioned to take the amount of load required and the tendon tissue actually becomes weaker. 

Tendon compression and muscle weakness can also play a role in tendinopathy. Certain postures increase pressure tendons, so having a therapist adjust your posture for optimal efficiency makes a huge difference in healing.   When the muscle attached to the tendon is weak, the tendon cannot store energy as well, and the whole muscular chain is compromised.

Getting back to your sport after tendon injuries requires a therapist who is keenly aware of how to advance exercises at just the right pace. A physical therapist who understands the physiology and the biomechanics of tendon healing will get you back to full activity as quickly and safely as possible. Your tendons are in good hands at ALTA.