Kristine Bellinger, PTA

Kristine Bellinger, PTA

Kristine Bellinger, PTA

Kristine Bellinger is fascinated by the mind-body dynamic and how it affects healing. “Today, more than ever, stress, worry, and hurry impacts our bodies’ ability to stay healthy. Movement patterns and postures become a reflection of state of mind. Discomfort, inactivity and loss of function become an exhausting mental battle. Nurturing mind and spirit is imperative to effectively repair the body.”

BS: Health Psychology, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD 2008

AAOS P. T. Assistant, Pima Medical Institute, Denver, 2011

Member, APTA

Favorite activities: Qigong, yoga, trail running, hiking, and mountain biking.

Kristine’s therapeutic techniques integrate psychology, physiology, and exercise science. With a research background in the psychology of chronic pain and a degree in PT, Kristine is a natural teacher of relaxation and breathing techniques for pain management and stress reduction.

Kristine, a certified Qigong instructor, finds Qigong a perfect way to use all her skills. The slow, relaxed movements improve balance, coordination and strength, while reducing stress.

I’m passionate about the health of people in my community and grateful to work with therapists who share that passion. My goal is to treat compassionately, paying special attention to each part of the person, so that they may return to their healthy whole.