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Raoul Rossiter, BA

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Raoul Rossiter comes from an exceptionally varied athletic and artistic background. He has mastered and taught a number of sports, including alpine skiing, cross country running, competitive gymnastics and rock climbing. Using the inherent rehabilitative and strengthening potentials of the Pilates Method, Raoul works with your unique background to help bring about optimum health, vitality, and centeredness. Raoul is an aggressive, enthusiastic learner and continues to expand his knowledge of Pilates through continuing education seminars.
  • Bachelor of Arts: Music Theory and Composition, Fort Lewis College, 1989
  • Certified Fitness Trainer: I.S.S.A., 1997
  • Certified Instructor: Pilates Method, Michael Miller Studio, 2001
  • Professional Musician: Freelance drummer, recording and performance artist since 1990
  • Digital Graphic Artist: Expanding his personal and professional portfolio, specializing in fine arts and advertising, since 2000
Pilates has fundamentally changed how I approach movement, especially athletic movement, from weight lifting, to running, to skiing, to walking up and down stairs. It has brought my awareness to center – physically, mentally, even emotionally- as I believe these aspects of ourselves are intimately connected. When you begin to heal on even one of these levels, the others are beckoned in their own way to the healing process.