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Why Swim Stroke Analysis is Critical

Research says biomechanical errors in swimming are a potential cause of injury.

Common Areas of injury include:swim-analysis

  • Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Knee


Injury Risk factors:

  • Poor stroke technique.
  • High volume training.
  • Muscle weakness and imbalance
  • History of injury and poor movement patterns.


What is involved in a swim stroke analysis?

Allyson Friday will:

  • Evaluate your functional movement patterns, motion limitations, and muscle imbalances.
  • Prescribe swimming specific physical therapy that matches your needs.
  • Videotape and evaluate swim stroke in the pool.
  • Analyze and discuss your stroke.
  • Prescribe swim workouts that will improve your technique, decrease your pain and improve your performance.


Does it matter where my swim stroke is evaluated: pool, flume or open water?

Yes. If possible, you should have stroke analysis performed in the environment in which you train and compete. Water conditions such as current and temperature will vary and that impacts your stroke technique.


Why choose ALTA?

Allyson Friday, PT, DPT
Allyson Friday, PT, DPT

Allyson is committed to getting the appropriate video in the environment specific for your training and performance needs.

Locations may include:

  • Your local pool
  • Open water
  • Swim flume


Who benefits from a swim stroke analysis?

  • Swimmers with chronic or recurrent injuries
  • People who swim with pain.
  • Swimmers who want to improve their speed and technique
  • Those who want to start “with the right stroke forward” with a swimming program
  • In short, nearly everyone!




Optimize your swimming performance, make it more enjoyable, efficient and successful.

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