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Helping Climbers from the Ground Up

Is the newsletter loading funny? No worries — CLICK HERE to view the mobile friendly version. Helping Climbers from the Ground Up By Ross Bodine, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT As with any repetitive activity, climbing takes its toll on a body – hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders especially. Improper movement patterns contribute to that toll in

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Surprising New Evidence About Recovering from Acute Injuries

Is the newsletter loading funny? No worries — CLICK HERE to view the mobile friendly edition. Surprising New Evidence About Recovering from Acute Injuries You sprain your ankle, and it’s bad. I mean, rolling- around -on the -ground -can’t -put- weight -on -it bad. The ankle starts to swell almost immediately, and within hours, it’s

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Is the newsletter loading funny? No worries — CLICK HERE to view it in a mobile friendly edition. CARTILAGE HEALTH: TAKING CARE OF YOUR WHEELS Most of us think of our joints like tires. After so many miles, they wear out.  Best to keep the mileage low or plan on replacing them. I mean, how

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5 Myths About Your Shoes and Feet

Is the newsletter loading funny? No worries — CLICK HERE to view it in a mobile friendly edition. 5 Myths About Your Shoes and Feet Running is hard enough, so don’t make it harder. Before you buy your next pair of running or walking shoes, read this. We’re here to bust some myths! Myth #1: Preventing

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ISSUE 131 / 2021  CONNECTING THE DOTS  PTs are trained to treat body problems, but pain anywhere in the body might be the tip of the iceberg…  Today I saw Jack. I know Jack because about once a year, his back “goes out”. Here’s how the conversation goes:  “I really screwed up my back. I

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ISSUE 130 / 2021  THE DOWNSIDE OF FLEXIBILITY  When you think of the word flexible, does it evoke positive or negative feelings? Flexible usually connotes pliable, adaptable, and fluid, while inflexible often conjures up rigid, unbending or tight. The ideal, of course, would be flexible but strong and stable achieving true Body Nirvana.  So, while

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ISSUE 129 / 2020: In Person or Virtual? Maybe Both!

ISSUE 129 / 2020  In Person or Virtual? Maybe Both! Some folks I know have decided they are never going to shop in person again. Order and pick up is the new way to get groceries. And just like shopping, PT has changed. Virtual physical therapy has quickly moved from a niche offering to mainstream.

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Our Wish for You | Looking Forward with Gratitude

December 2020  Our Wish for You  As the year draws to a close and I reflect on the many losses felt around the world, I think about what keeps each of us going through all the turmoil. What comforts, supports and soothes us? That universal need for human connection – which is central to well-being,

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Positive Physiologic Changes with Masks 

ISSUE 125 / 2020  Positive Physiologic Changes with Masks  Many of us are wearing masks when we step out of the house these days (according to the State of Colorado, we all have to wear masks in public indoor spaces like ALTA). You might have noticed: a piece of material covering your nose and mouth

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Issue 131 / 2021 / Connecting the Dots

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Issue 125 / 2020 / Positive Physiologic Changes with Masks

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December 2017 / Being Informed About Your Insurance

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April 2017 / A Triathlete’s Road to Recovery

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January 2017 / Fitter, Faster, Better – Your Brain Tells You to Stop Even Though You Can Do More

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October 2016 / How Dry Needling Helps

August-September 2016 / Align Your Spine (Pilates Exercises by Jonathan)

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April 2016 / Getting the Max out of Your Gluteus Maximus

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December 2015 / A Widespread Misconception about Arthritis

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May 2015 / The Next Steps to a Better Bolder Boulder

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March 2015 / When Exercise is Not Good for Stress

January 2015 / Headaches: Causes & Solutions

December 2014 / A Fine Balance

October 2014 / Making Fitness Fun

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June 2014 / A True MindBody Experience

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January 2014 / Information Highway: Your Road to Health

November 2013 /  The Missing Link: What Every Cyclist Should Know

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July 14, 2013 / When Being Different is Better

May 23, 2013 / No Lance, it’s ALL about the bike!

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October 30, 2012 / Did You Know?

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August 2012 / Free Run Screens: to keep you running pain free

July 2012 / Stretching Exercises

June 2012 / Sitting Exercises, Pilates, Exercising in Heat

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April 2012 / Breathing

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January 2012 / Exercise; Heartburn Relief

December 2011 / Stress Relief

November 2011 / Happiness & Back Pain

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August 2011 / Optimize Exercise

July 2011 / Abdominal Pain; Scar Tissue

June 2011 / Bike Fits

May 2011 / Proper Shoe Fit; Knee Pain

March 2011 / Hooked on Exercise

February 2011 / Trigger Point Dry Needling or TDN

December 2010 / Osteoporosis and Cycling

November 2010 / Gluteal Muscles

September 2010 / Inflammation

July 2010 / Ibuprofen

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April 2010 / Running

March 2010 / Shoulder Pain

January 2010 / Exercise

November 2009 / Low Back Pain; Colon Health

October 2009 / Tennis Elbow

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March 2009 / Dizziness; Pilates; Weight Loss